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IMCs Fall for Divide and Conquer

I thought IMCs were supposed to be alternative to the mainstream media.... Well the $$ media has installed total blackout on Kucinich in their propaganda to push K/E, the millionaire posers- once again leaving us with no real choice. Why does this, and nearly every other Super Tuesday IMC fail to counter the $$ media blackout of Kucinich?
I propose that for the next 9 months EVERYTHING take a back seat to forcing a brokered democratic convention and a real debate in the party. Kucinich can win at the convention because kerry and edwards can't stand up to the light. they only look good behind the media curtain- all will be exposed at the convention.

(Someone at Indybay- please answer: WHY is there no feature on Kucinich and Al Sharpton? IS there someone telling you not to run a feature on them? WHO?? One feature on each if you please- don't lump em together like CNN)

Portland IMC: are you in contact with the other imcs? what's the deal? Myself and others have posted potential features at super tuesday imcs- NADA, no answer. It's like talking to bush supporters about 911, just refusal to respond. Why is there no coverage of the real alternatives in this Dem primary. Maybe y'all know... but hopefully there's a million CNN watchers that saw that debate and finally saw the blatant bias... so they check out their local super tuesday IMC and FIND NOTHING just like the stinkin networks! Can't anyone answer this basic, obvious Q of why there is a near total blackout across the IMC network- even at Cleveland IMC- DK's hometown!

OK- la imc posted a feature- maui wowee ;-)
and vermont is down.. bummer- edwards is not on vermont ballot, kucinich do well

It's obvious that our opposition is using the divide and conquer strategy to keep us from being united. A few people fighting corporate corruption, a few fighting the israeli occupation, a few fighting for education, a few fighting for the environment... on and on.

ALL of these ISSUES can be radically healed with a Kucinich Presidency!
Forget the little issues and UNITE NOW !!!

All of these Feature Stories at indybay today will be addressed by President Kucinich! If Kerry wins you'll still be fighting all these individual battles. Unite for the one big battle now and we can reclaim our Country!

Israeli Army Kills Four Palestinians Challenging Apartheid Wall
US Backed Coup Underway In Haiti
OPD Harass Students "Under Suspicion of Being Black"
Local and National Victories Against FCC
SF Issues Over 3000 Same-Sex Marriage Licenses
San Francisco Protests Corporate Invasion of Iraq
Workforce Opposes Prop J Condos for the Rich
San Jose Protests Cuts To Higher Education
The Fourth World War Screens in the Bay Area

and don't tell me you fall for the electability propaganda... with bush being so transparently stupid and corrupt,


imagine a Kucinich vs Dubya debate... here's a preview

Listen to this straight up kucinich vs dubya, then go look in the mirror and tell yourself that kucinich is 'unelectable' with a straight face.

music for the revolution: to inspire yourself and enlighten others

homepage: homepage: http://www.benfrank.net

there's a kucinich feature on the front page right now 27.Feb.2004 14:09

long time imc reader

In case you didn't notice. Also, not all of us care about the coming rigged election as much as you do. I personally feel there is a lot more important work to be done and I don't want to see resources I rely on become political mouthpieces. Also, remember that while some indymedia's have reporting groups the best way to get coverage of an event is to cover it yourself and post your own story.

Nice Work Ben! 27.Feb.2004 14:18

No Skull, Bones

Also, some of us want NADER 28.Feb.2004 13:58


These elections are rigged and Nader will be the most truthful voice up until the sad day.

Kucinich is great, but he'll have even MORE of a media blackout come post-Dem primaries.

And then we're stranded in the nauseating desert of Bush moron and Kerry 40k troops to Iraq.

Thank God for Nader, whose voice will still be drawing media coverage then . . . after K, D, and S are long gone, having succumbed to the larger corporate recipient.

nothing to lose 28.Feb.2004 17:48


vote for kucinich in the primaries. Then you can vote for Nader.

IMCs aren't all hypnotized by political dog-and-pony shows 29.Feb.2004 01:05


Not everyone is an obedient reformist, writing to congresspeople and working for this or that professional grinning bureaucrat to get elected. When you play THEIR game by THEIR rules, you get THEIR outcome.

Kucinich voted FOR the racist disgusting Afghanistan war. I want no part of a grinning stranger who helped kill over 5,000 Afghanis. I'm anti-war, and hence have no time for hypocrite so-called "anti-war" candidates with a pro-war voting record.

IMCers FIND the Mole(s) 29.Feb.2004 10:48

cointel is alive- sniff em out

hey all true PDX imc-ers,

you must realize that Kerry vs Bush with Nader (or Kucinich) on the side, Nader doesn't stand a chance, this would be karl rove's dream election.

our only chance is one on one, kucinich vs bush... and DK WILL WIN. bush can hide from the lies if DK is there speaking the truth. they are very afraid!

Please look within yourselves and acknowledge the simple fact that Kucinich will re-direct $$ from bombs to schools, free health care for all forever.... nothing else matters.

please identify the people at PDX like 'gringo stars' bashing kucinich... i believe this is cointel pro at work... all of the battles at other imcs.. probably between 'radicals' like gringo that won't accept the idea that we can vote in the Peaceful Revolution... if you were cointel pro and you infiltrated pdx imc... what would your take be?

i know i know... this is so divisive... everyone wil be suspicious of each other. So just have the conversation... acknowledge that DK is everything that IMCers are working for... and UNITE!

oh... and that afghan thing... yeah like that matters... lets just have kerry v bush and keep on battling the police state because kucinich of that vote.

It's "peaceful" to bomb Afghanistan? 01.Mar.2004 13:52


Fuck Kucinich and his campaign of terror against the Afghanis.

What is more likely to be COINTELPRO? Someone advocating the participation in reformist politics, working for someone with a pro-war voting record (while hypocritically claiming to be "anti-war") or someone who advocates organizing outside of the reformist system?

Do a search for the articles I've posted and comments I've made and tell me I'm COINTELPRO again.