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Portland Police, Incompetence, and Repression

Last month, the Portland police mobilized several squad cars, motorcycle officers, and bicycle patrols, in an effort to harass a monthly bicycle celebration called Critical Mass; primarily making sure that participants' lights were functioning properly, while offering inaccurate legal advice. That same weekend, there were at least five shootings in Portland, leaving two people dead and six injured. The Portland Police force continues to demonstrate their criminal negligence and failure to curb violent crime as they repress the Constitutional rights of those that they have sworn to serve and protect. The recent Police Chief replacement of Mark Kroeker with Derrick Foxworth has resulted in no noticeable improvement of Portland Police policies.
Portland's 'Finest'
Portland's 'Finest'
In the wake of the flurry of local shootings, Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth can't understand why more people aren't stepping forth to offer information that might help local police solve these crimes. He doesn't seem to make the connection that the police executions and subsequent whitewashes of the police murders of Jose Mejia Poot, and Kendra James may be undermining public trust in local police.

Chief Foxworth does appear to support the Kroeker policy of violent police repression of citizens who dare to exercise their Constitutional guarantees of Right to Assemble, and Freedom of Speech, as was clearly demonstrated at the recent protests of pResident Bush and Dick Cheney. Officers continue to offer excuses of funding shortages to justify their incompetence, as they continue to demonstrate their ability to maintain an excessive presence to repress the Constitutional rights of their local employers.

As the Portland Police force demonstrates their ongoing negligence in addressing violent crime, and traffic/pedestrian/bicycle safety concerns, they intend to waste an additional $1 million of taxpayer money from a Homeland Security grant, claiming that this is necessary in order for them to do their jobs.

Throwing money at incompetence is not an effective method of dealing with it. Portland Police officers are frequently seen failing to yield to pedestrians, failing to use turn signals, and running red lights/stop signs. Indeed, some of these officers display extremely poor knowledge of the traffic laws that they claim to enforce, and practice selective enforcement to repress political critics, using illegal tactics such as violent takedowns of these individuals for 'jaywalking' and other minor violations, and illegal information gathering, while ignoring other equally, and even more serious offenses.

As long as the Portland Police force continues to misuse resources and abuse the public trust, they remain a major liability to the people of Portland. Chief Foxworth would be well advised to dismiss some of the most ignorant criminals within his ranks, such as Officers Kruger, Lee, Barnum, Myers, Sizer, McCollister, and Rowley, and concentrate on regaining the trust of the community, and providing adequate training for his officers.
Until that time, additional funding of our police force is an insulting waste of our tax dollars.

Until that happens, the Portland Police budget should be drastically cut in order to free up resources for the many pressing social issues that are currently being faced by our city, state, and our country. Funding our incompetent and corrupted police force is an inexcusable waste of tax money, and is counterproductive towards building a better community.
get 27.Feb.2004 14:16

a new mascot

why do you belittle a pig?
for years now, on and off, police have been referred to as pigs
i'd like to know the last time a pig asked for your i.d.
or the last time a pig threw you to the ground and arrested you
using the "pig" as a mascot for police is an insult
i've even heard some animal rights activists use the term
what gives?

Good Point 27.Feb.2004 14:25


My apologies for unfairly maligning pigs. Any suggestions for alternates?

The Dominant Species 27.Feb.2004 15:21

embarassed to be one

Yes, there is a certain dilemma involving the use of perceived, anthropomorphic attributes of other species as analogies for behavior characteristics and appearances of targeted groups or individual homo sapiens.

Consider the gratuitous, so-called aspersions "shark", "snake", "lizard", "gorilla", "monkey","hawk", "dove", "worm"...and "pig"...many others, in describing human behavior.

I find myself stopping short more and more (almost 100%!), and just sighing and calling them what they are -- homo sapiens. " The one and only--like no other!" "The 'crown' of creation!" "Rulers of the universe!" And, occasionally, "homo dip shits" or "homo assholes."

Once it is grasped that the complex, perverse behavior and cultural aberrations of homo sapiens finds no parallel in the rest of the animal world, calling someone an animal name is actually an act of flattery!

Accordingly, the graphic to put with this article might be an extreme example that shows an overweight slob cop, tee shirt peaking between the straining polyester shirt buttons, polyester pants too tight (don't they always seem too tight?), neck bulging, with donut crumbs around the mouth.

That certainly says it better than a picture of another species.

good 27.Feb.2004 15:52


police in bellingham wa. are repressive and violent to black men.they threaten and attempt to injure anyone they dont like.wake up amerika.they have lost their civility ,if they ever had any which i now doubt

what was it Harry Belafonte called Colon Powell 27.Feb.2004 16:54

this time a year ago?

well, the same could certainly be said about this Foxworthy fellow couldn't it? Is he
not Vera's "house ------" in that he has given lip-service to his own kith 'n' kin, and
is Whitey's main RamRod Tool of Oppression here in Portland? That's my opinion anyway!

pigs wallow in mud, are violent, and destructive of native species 27.Feb.2004 17:34

not a pig

Pigs are very destructive. They don't belong in this hemisphere, and everywhere they are introduced, the root up and trample native vegetation. They are violent and dangerous (ever cross paths with a wild boar?) I'd say the analogies are pretty good.

am just wondering 27.Feb.2004 18:43

the wonderer

all authorities in America are surely watching the enfolding events in Haita with a high butt-
pucker factor, wondering "if" same set of devolution could occur here if the populace got pissed
off enough and went to the streets...so, one wonders would the PoPi's (Portland Pigs) do same as
the Haitan police...throw down their guns, shed their uniforms and haul ass running once their
fellow citizens began shooting at THEM? Darn good question to wonder about, especially when it
is a fact our country is armed probably 1,000 times more than the Haitans! Just "wondering"??

after the massers 27.Feb.2004 21:26


Portland's swinest were at it again at tonight's Critical Mass. The ride started off with about 30 cyclists and maybe five motorcops. The cops were actually pretty decent for about the first half an hour. They engaged in conversation and stated their dissatisfaction with having to monitor cyclists. However, the next shift came in after a bit and the tide changed.

About nine more choppers flanked the ride and even the camaro cop showed. While heading down Burnside, one of the cops following the ride hit the cherries and then literally ran into the ride, shoving cyclists to the side and ticketing them for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. The "emergency vehicle" then pulled to the front of the ride and turned their lights off and proceeded with harrasment as usual.

To ditch the boys in blue, we dispersed and reconviened at a new locale where we proceeded across the Broadway bridge, happily temporarily taking a lane without an escort.

scared 28.Feb.2004 09:06

old lady

While I don't wish to argue any points about pigs, I do want to say that I am frightened for the first time in my own country at what I see during peaceful gatherings of citizens. I lived under the delusion that we did indeed have free speech. I am an old woman now, and am shocked to my core by the robotic police I see marching toward unarmed and peaceful citizens who are speaking out as every person MUST when he or she sees wrongs that need to be addressed. What are we to do? Look at Haiti. Kennedy said that if peadeful revolutions were not allowed violent revolutions would take hold. I do not want that in my country. I do not want that for my grandchildren and great grandchildren. But I do not want them to cower beneath a wall of robots with no connection to their HUMAN origins either. It is very frightening and I fear for what is going to happen next. Is there any way we can fight back without this becoming violent beyond reason?

David Peel 28.Feb.2004 09:06

Chyld ysab@efn.org

Here come the cops all dressed in blue he's after me he's after you he's got a gun he's got a knife you better run for your life!!!UP AGAINST THE WALL MOTHERF**KER!!!

Crime opportunity 28.Feb.2004 09:14

Anna Bloomberg

Sounds to me like if you want to stick up a downtown Portland bank, just wait for a last Friday evening!

Ending Mass Harassment 28.Feb.2004 09:56

How SF Did It

[Repost Comment: These suggestions were posted for the last 2 years. It took SF cyclists one year to stop the harassment of SF Critical Mass. Complaints about police misconduct on Portland's rides have appeared almost every month since. If you REALLY want to stop police infringement of your event, GET SERIOUS NOW! Use, modify, and adapt these tactics for Portland's own mass. Shop around for a class-action lawsuit. Build the foundations for one. Show some solidarity and stand up for yourselves. Or, just get used to getting your butts kicked.]

SF Critical Mass went through a yearlong period of police harassment, intimidation, and outright brutality. Dozens of tactics were tested to end the police crackdown on our bicycle celebration. Some worked, some didn't. Following is a brief list of the most effective efforts used to stop the unconstitutional attack on our right to assemble and ride together.

1. File claims for damages against the city. This is a precursor to a lawsuit or class-action lawsuit. Whether you suffered injuries from the police during their handling of the event, or simply were denied access to the roadways or passage on a certain bike route, your civil rights may have been violated. If you believe your rights were violated, file a claim. Better yet, organize a mass filing of claims by e-mail or at the next critical mass. If you can enlist the help of experienced attorneys, even better, but you don't need a lawyer to file a claim. Many cyclists claimed damages upwards of $5000 to $10,000 in San Francisco; many of SF's injured cyclists settled successfully out-of-court. Be certain to assert that critical mass is a protected first amendment event.

2. Arrange for a mass call-in day to the mayor and city councilmembers. Tell them the mass harassment must stop NOW. It's amazing how this gets their attention when each city councilmember gets 100 or more phone calls in one day. Organize by e-mail, or flyering at critical mass.

3. File complaints against individual police officers, against police policy for handling the event, and the event commanders. Get a copy of the Portland PD's general orders and crowd control guidelines, and file specific complaints against any officers and their commanders who violate even the most minor guidelines. It is your right to file a complaint against the police if you believe their conduct is unlawful or if their conduct violates police orders.

4. Pack Portland's Police Commission hearings. Spread the word to show up at the first police commission hearing following the mass. Give them an earful, and let them know a lawsuit will be on the way if the mass harassment doesn't stop. be sure to assert that CM is a protected first amendment event.

5. Contest any citation you get at Critical Mass. CM is a protected first amendment event. Riding en-masse is your form of free expression. Tickets for red lights have the same relevance that a jaywalking ticket has at a peace march. Many police won't bother to show up if you contest your ticket in person.

6. Encourage the mass to turn every 3-5 blocks. The cowardly police hold back in small numbers, and usually attack only when they have lots of backups and officers in a certain location. Bicycles are more stealth in an urban environment than cars. Turning every 3-5 blocks makes it very difficult to track where the ride will end up, and hard for the cops to stage a crackdown. It's also fun to snake about the city! When possible, try to stay on well-lit streets with lots of pedestrians. Police tend to avoid heavy-handed crackdowns in areas where there are lots of witnesses.

7. Organize to videotape every ride, and document thoroughly police harassment of the mass. Beware selling or giving footage to the corporate media, they'll simply edit the footage and lie in their commentary. Remember: every car and gas commercial shown during the news buys spin you can't match.

8. File requests for public records regarding Critical Mass. If necessary, use the FOIA to request them. To begin, request the police' general orders for handling the event; any letters, memos, and other correspondence between the mayor's office and the Portland Police Department; and any files relating to the Critical Mass event from the PJTTF.

9. Support your fellow cyclists. It sucks to get pulled aside for a ticket, only to see the mass bike off into the sunset. Encourage others to stop and support fellow riders every time the cops hand out a ticket. Be creative. One highly effective project was to print cop trading cards with the pictures of abusive officers, commanders, and descriptions of police harassment. Cops like to be seen as the good guys: let the public know the truth with cop trading cards. Pass 'em out to kids in school.

10. Be your own media. (Congratulations, you're doing this already!) Get pictures, names, badge numbers, and descriptions of aggressive police posted as news.

Stand up for your rights, fight for them, or kiss them goodbye.

Check Out Melbourne CM! 28.Feb.2004 11:12

at the link below

cm last night 28.Feb.2004 15:44


wow! last night was crazy
these moto-piggies show up in mass half way into our ride and start running a few of us off the road!
i didnt have any where to go so i got wacked into by the moto-cycle and then got threatened with jail for complaining about getting ran into
then he tells peoples on the sidewalk who also disagree with him running into people that he will also take them to jail, for blocking the sidewalk, when there is a moto-cycle parked on the sidewalk making it imposible for people to get by anyways, at the same time traffic is getting all backed up because of all the cops blocking the road,
i was amazed, but still could not believe that all these coppers were out here pulling these crazy stunts on a major street, just for us!
wow! for ridding a bike!
after a ticket and some other bullshit i got back on my bike and road on
and thats what i will keep on doing
im gonna keep riding on!

Critical Training 28.Feb.2004 20:10

wash a pig and he turns and runs for the mud

Critical Mass in Portland is providing training for the PPD, and to be analyzed by police departments across the U.S. as well as other forms of demonstration and protest. This is in preperation for what we all see coming to America with the Patriot Act/Marshal Law. This is not Haiti, cops butts aren't puckering, they are getting bonners. Training not so visiable or known about, is the military commando tactics. Police are trained here and outside the country. In Santa Barbara Ca. they have been training police with Viet Nam comando tactics by officers of that war who are now cops. There are major military trainning bases in Mexico for U.S. cops. Day by day the cops are getting more and more toys from ol' Uncle Sam. Play time is over, it will get worse. Take action to stop these cop orgies, like the excellant tactics from S.F. It may be fun to see the cops be stupid and ludicrous, but they're learning and getting away with it.

The above article is quite right about 28.Feb.2004 21:00


for the local police to get more accomplished in getting worst. It's a terrible problem, and
it's one we citizens are going to have to tackle, for our politicians and leaders won't.

We each one and in groups must do what we can, or these damned sick men will become just like
Hitler's WILLING EXECUTIONERS that'll kill their own citizens by the untold number when time
for all their "training" rolls around.

In my church, we've got a few younger men that are policeman, and we've found out that they're
not what they pretend to be, as we've all been seeing the video being passed around behind their backs.

It's difficult to believe these men would do such things and then come to church and act as if
they're Christians? Well, they're get the cold shoulder and silent treatment and parents are
slowing taking their kids out of Sunday School Classes by just "forgetting" to show up. We
do wonder when these men will get the "message" we're trying to get over to them? Are they so
stupid they can't get it, or is it a matter of such horrible pride? Too bad!

Whoever put up the photos...thanks! 28.Feb.2004 22:43

Concerned Neighbor

Just article caught my attention and I looked at the log of pictures. To my surpise is shown
a photo of a man that is our neighbor. He sure seems like he is enjoying himself with the
Peace Camp trashing that took place about a year ago. He is strange, as is his wife, and the
rest of us don't know much about them, but we know he's a policeman. I'm glad you showed all
these pictures as it gives us more to go on out here as to what kind of people these folk are
really like. I'm going to try to figure out how to download these pictures and carry them
around the neighborhood to let the rest know too!

We don't want these kind in our neigbhorhood. No telling what he'd do to us, so thanks for
giving us the inside truth on this guy! You should do this much more often!

here's what the pigs did in Des Moines... 29.Feb.2004 14:49

would our PoPi do same here?

rerposting from WHO-TV, Channel 13, Des Moines, Iowa

Deputy Informants at Protester Meeting
Email to a Friend Printer Friendly Version

February 28, 2004, Des Moines - A hearing in Des Moines yesterday proved what many peace activists have said for weeks.

Deputies from the Polk County Sheriff's Office did in fact infiltrate a peace conference, leading up to an anti-war protest at Camp Dodge.

Police arrested 12 protesters for protesting. Yesterday, some of them appeared in court to challenge the charge.

And that's when we learned about the Polk County Sheriff's surveilance tactics.

Those 12 protestors who were arrested last November will soon be going to trial. As their attorney's prepare for their defense- they came across a document from the Sheriff's department.

It acknowledges the group was being watched. That document is the first piece of physical proof protesters have showing that undercover deputies were posing as protestors.

The agents were actually at the meeting the day before the protest as the demonstrators planned the rally.

The Sheriff's office now acknowledges that they placed the deputies at the meeting so they could research the groups intentions.

Franks says- if the Sheriff's department wanted to know what they were up to- they simply could have shown up in uniform. But by coming undercover there's a discussion going on, anything being said at the discussion could influence your actions and what you decide to do.

Chief Bill Vaughn from the Polk County Sheriff's Department says the group never invited the department to the planning meeting.

Vaughn defends the departments use of undercover deputies. He says his office has a responsibility to make sure anti-war protests do not turn violent.

One of the protesters arrested will be in court to face trespassing charges on Monday. The other protesters will be in court later this spring. Another demonstration is being planned for next month.

WTF?! 01.Mar.2004 12:53

that's just not cool

what's with this whole infiltration thing? I hate to say it, but you just can't trust people; protesters need to keep this stuff on lockdown if coppers are gonna pull shit like this. peace shouldn't be a secret tho.

@-@ 01.Mar.2004 13:28

lucky weda

Right on with the bicycles! I think the turning every 3-5 blocks is a good idea for the next CM.

copwatch 01.Mar.2004 21:20

jo jo jean

i am new here, so hello! Is there a website for copwatch here in portland? I am dying to see swine in action! Thanks much to whomever responds.

you asked about COPWATCH 02.Mar.2004 13:57