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Credo Of A Conservative

I am a conservative.
The Oregonian


Credo of a conservative


Mark Oberzil

IN MY OPINION Mark Oberzil

I am a conservative. I believe in staying solvent and out of debt.

I am a conservative. I believe in keeping my nose out of other people's business, their nations and their bedrooms.

I am a conservative. I believe in conserving our assets and our resources -- our air, our land, our water. Accordingly, I don't support or engage in wastefulness, inefficiency or lavish excesses.

I am a conservative. I think an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Therefore I support appropriate government spending on such things as infrastructure, schools, social welfare and crime prevention, because in the long run it's cheaper and more effective.

I am a conservative. I don't sign on to risky schemes. I think if you give Bob a dollar, it helps Bob, but it may not necessarily help Oscar, Fred or Maria.

I am a conservative. If I am attacked, I respond appropriately and conservatively. I do not swat mosquitoes with dynamite.

I am a conservative. I don't deal falsely or prematurely with facts.

I am a conservative. I understand the purposes of various institutions. It is the job of government to govern, the job of religion to address spiritual needs, and the job of business to secure profits by producing needed goods and services. I do not confuse these institutions.

I am a conservative. I understand my position in the world and that my opinions are not the only valid ones.

I do not have an exclusive claim on what is right, good or patriotic, and those who disagree with me are not automatically evil traitors.

What's really weird, though, is that I've always thought these things, but now everyone calls me a "liberal"!

Mark Oberzil lives in Forest Grove.

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Michael Peroutka is Your Man 27.Feb.2004 17:48

Mark Dankof www.Peroutka2004.com

If the commentator listed here wants a true conservative and honest man for the Presidency of the United States, see www.Peroutka2004.com

great piece 27.Feb.2004 18:06


It's great that people are finally pointing out that the bastards running the show these days are anything but conservative. They are extremists who have hijacked our democratic system for their own power trips and self aggrandizement. There's actually less difference between us and real conservatives than there is between any of us and the bastards in charge.

Peroutka for Christ... I mean president 27.Feb.2004 18:17

will the real conservatives please stand up

"I believe in keeping my nose out of other people's business, their nations and their bedrooms."

That rules out Peroutka (mr. "the gay rights movement is one of the biggest moral blights and cancers of our time").

Mark, your not likely to find a lot of support peddling your homophobic candidate here, you may want to spend your time more wisely.

Wisconsin Conservative Agrees -- Sort Of... 10.Mar.2004 18:28

Mark Murphy, Central Wisconsin drumfig@hotmail.com

I sense an agenda here, but I can't really disagree with much of what you say. Perhaps that's because what you say skims ever so lightly over the surface of deeper issues like fiscal, domestic, international, environmental, defense, and social policy. There's nothing in your credo for me to grab and digest, just a gathering of platitudes and (maybe) the occaisional poke at our current administration.

I, for one, would like to see President Bush focus less on immigration and more on economic recovery; more on national security and less on gay marriage; less on increased spending and more on tax cuts. However, I intend to vote for him again because the Democrats have no direction or leadership.

As for the name-calling engaged in by your other responders (especially you, nn -- guess that stands for "no nuts"): Consider the source, if you can find it.

I give you ALOT of credit for publishing this, but I haven't learned enough about you to call you either liberal or conservative. Keep up the good work, and thanks for making me think!