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Single Mothers after the Oil Crash

Life After the Oil Crash and Co-abode ~ Single Mothers House Sharing
Life After the Oil Crash

"The denial is what I don't understand. In talking with any number of folks regarding Peak Oil or global warming or some of the emerging facts around pre-knowledge of 9/11, what is most disturbing is how easily these details get blown off as either "doom and gloom" naysaying or the Big conspiracy theory bs. Alternatively it is mere Denial and a refusal to look at and accept facts; afterall we are a supossedly well educated society, no?"

Co-abode ~ Single Mothers House Sharing

Co-abode is a nationwide non-profit service designed to improve the lives of single moms in every way possible. It was founded by single moms, for single moms and our mission is to give women parenting children alone a hand-up, not a hand-out.

homepage: homepage: http://slacktide.typepad.com/slacktide/2004/02/single_mothers_.html