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Good question about indymedia and women:

Indymedia, why don't you have "women" in your topics? Will you put it there?

Have you read the book "Cultural Creatives?" It's a serious book about all of the planetarily unprecedented mass social movements that have been converging for the last 50 years. It shows that WOMEN HAVE BEEN AT THE FOREFRONT THE WHOLE TIME. (As usual). And by a substantial margin (67%).

So, I would think that women, who are at the heart of social change, would at least have their own topic heading............unless indymedia, which is mostly men, is SEXIST.........
not to be contrary but.. 27.Feb.2004 03:32


What would be better served by a topic entitled "women's issues" that isn't just as well served by "gender and sexuality"? It could be argued that the latter is better, as some would point out that "gender" is a social construct anyway. To have a topic entitled "women's issues" is in some ways tokenizing, since women are not some isolated minority group, but rather 1/2 the human race.

yes, aaron! 27.Feb.2004 07:50


I agree that women's issues should be addressed right along with other social issues of the day. As a woman, I would not want my "page" to be separate from others who struggle. We are all in this together, and should be able to discuss all problems as they come up. There used to be a time when we women were not considered in the same forums, and then it was important to have our own separate voice. I understand the concerns of the first posting, but agree that now we need to come together to solve problems as they become apparent.

stats 27.Feb.2004 13:37


the tech group is all men, but besides that the rest is fairly evenly balanced between women and men

really what we need 28.Feb.2004 03:16


a topic page called "patriarchy." Or we could have a "good old boy" topic, or even "dominant culture"---anything to reframe the fact that most of the violence in the world today is driven by white men. The way indy frames it is the way white men would want it to be framed: that is to say, with NO FRAME. So much of this site is dedicated to the "effects" of white men, but nothing on white men themselves. It's a lot like the way the captive media does things!!!
It's like saying: "Run everybody--hide! There's anthrax everywhere! We don't know what it's all about (those questions are too complex for us) but stay tuned, and we'll give you more that's sensational and shallow!"
All three of the above topic ideas are related to each other, because of course--isn't everything related to the patriarchy and dominant culture? However, they would generate rich, distinct articles, all interesting in their own right. This would definately be looking inward--which I hope is just as interesting and important as looking outward.
Aaron: the last thing that women want is for the patriarchy to be marketed as "women's issues!!!" Can you see, how you have flipped that around without even knowing it, how seriously and deeply embedded the effects of the patriarchy is on everyone??!! It's not a good thing at all, very telling of mentalities. Who out there thinks women are marginal? We are probably the most mainstream group of all, as much of the social change throughout history has been lead by women (but you don't hear about it because of that "framing" problem)---and, most importantly, we generally are the ones who speak for the children. I agree with you wholeheartedly about the tokenizing.
Drummer: I would recommend that you do a little further research. Virginia Woolfe, a famous feminist writer, symbolically said we need "a room of our own." Nothing could be closer to the truth, ESPECIALLY in a patriarchy!!! No matter one's color, immigrant status, or various other EXTERNAL "status" items that are changeable, or can come in and out of vogue, we women will allways be women!!! And fundamentally very different from men--we are the primary supporters of the children and home, we think for the group........and the best martial arts instructors amongst us can be raped and killed by an average rapist!! We just live in a different world than men, despite what we have in common. As we saw Aaron describe the patriarchy as "women's issues," we can see how profound sometimes unnoticeable differences can be. Furthermore, since all the other topics besides "gender and sexuality" are not assimulated into "gender and sexuality," it doesn't mean that people are not comming together to solve those problems!! Heck, that's WHY there's 33 other topics listed besides "gender and sexuality!!" It's a way of SOLVING those problems!! You said something about working on the problems "as they become apparent"----but, think for a moment........how many "bikes and transportation" items do you think would "become apparent" subsumed under "gender and sexuality"?????!!!!!!
So it's in black and white now that indymedia is mostly men. Of the women there, what percentage of them are mothers? What percentage has experienced violence by men? It's not enough to just "add women and stir." We must bring to the table our uniquely female experiences and perspectives. We need that difference, that honesty and authenticity. Ghandi said: (Paraphrased) "If we are to have peace in the future, then the future must be with women."
As far as a new topic heading goes, my strongest suggestion is: "female and male relations," or even "parent child relations." Why not??? These areas are JUST as important as any other and would open up a whole new world!! And that IS my female perspective comming into play. We could start a new indy trend in thought. And there's nothing to be afraid of. How about it, indymedia??

another point 29.Feb.2004 01:04


Women need more power in this society. That's why we are pushing for the Equal Rights Amendment, and better yet, the Constitutional Equality Amendment (CEA).