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Don't Vote Skull & Bones

There are approximately 800 Skull & Bones members alive today, of whom approximately 600 are old enough to be president of the United States.

There are approximately 146 million Americans old enough to be president of the United States. What are the chances that two members of Skull & Bones would be running against each other to be president of the United States?

-from Why Skull & Bones Matters, by Sam Smith
So, election time is upon us again. And now, we're faced with the biggest false-dichotomy we've ever seen in an election: Skull & Bones vs. Skull & Bones. For all the continuity that's here, it may as well be Heckle vs. Jeckle.

Would it be beyond the stretch of anyone's imagination to think that these two men could be ultimately serving the same interests? To know the Skull & Bones club is to know that it's alumni have been bred for the multi-generational task of ending national sovereignty, and creating a world government. Many are cherry-picked for duty in the CIA, where they can work with impunity from behind the veil of national security. The uniting principle is the Hegelian doctrine of thesis, antithesis, and synergy. Thus, problem, reaction, and solution. The aid that Hitler received from various Bonesmen, including Prescott Bush, was invaluable to his rise.

The liberal agenda, Kerry-style, will be akin to the good-cop coming in to clean up after Bush's four years of blood-letting. But, be assured that Bush's "gains", like Iraqi oil and the Patriot Act, will stand, no matter what Kerry says in his campaign. One of the few bills Kerry got passed was 1999's Plan Columbia, the phony Drug War's defoliation of the rainforest with toxic chemicals. Since the Plan was launched some 325,000 acres of South America's oldest democracy have been sprayed with toxins, yet there has been no drop off in cocaine imports to the US. Remember, for all their posturing on the environment, The Clinton/Gore administration achieved less environmental prosecutions than did Bush/Quayle.

It's outrageous that we are being handed such an unbalanced election. We MUST somehow resist the Skull & Bones vision. If we're forced to choose between Bush and Kerry, then there is no choice at all.



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