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Mobile Krispy Kreme on Lombard?

Has Krispy Kreme gone mobile?
Hey, did anyone else see the pickup truck with the Krispy Kreme banner and the three middle-aged people holding up another KK banner on the opposite side of N. Lombard (University of Portland district) yesterday? Looked to me like they were hawking Krispy Kreme donuts. At least they were holding the boxes and displaying the merchandise. Since Krispy Kreme is pretty particular about the condition (fresh, hot) of their product - to the point of refusing to sell boxes of donuts in Washington that were to be transported to Oregon for resale prior to the opening of outlets down here - I was confused by the sight of these people standing in the rain and the cold, apparently hawking KK donuts.

Anybody know the story here? As far as I know there are no Krispy Kreme donut shops in North or Northwest Portland.

Marketing 27.Feb.2004 00:23


Probably a fundraising event and good ad exposure for KK? They probably give em the day old donuts for fundraisers. Maybe with the Atkins diet getting so popular they are getting more desperate.

Krispy Kreme 27.Feb.2004 06:22


When I lived in Washington groups sold them for fundraisers, so the folks were probably raising funds for some reason or another.

It's Just the Begining 27.Feb.2004 07:43


From an article I wrote last summer, just prior to the opening of one near me:

How to Stage A PR Event- Krispy Kreme Style

First, offer irresistible prizes to the first people to enter your store.
When they start queuing up, inform the local media.
Make sure they make no mention of the prizes or that the whole event was engineered by a promotional department; it's better to report it as if it was a spontaneous happening. The illusion of consensus will build traffic, boosting sales.
Treat local reporters like kings, and they'll work for you. We don't need them reporting on the negative aspects of a national chain moving into their neighborhood (traffic problems, impact on locally owned businesses).

from a Portland news story:

"Many people brought blankets and chairs to make the wait more bearable. Spray nozzles were hooked on the top of merchandise tents to mist people who chose to camp out and ended up waiting in the sizzling heat. Several Honey Buckets were also on hand for customers needing to relieve themselves.
During the wait, cheers would erupt every time anyone emerged from the store carry bags of boxes of Krispy Kremes. At least the first 10 individuals through the door got special shirts denoting them as the first, second, third, etc. customers.
To keep us entertained while we waited, the Clackamas High School Cavalettes dance team was asked to be there from 7-8 a.m., to perform in the parking lot."

Another, similar story from Palm Beach, sheds some light on the mystery:

"BOYNTON BEACH -- The Krispy Kreme madness comes to Boynton Beach early Tuesday. Ridiculously early.
The famed doughnut chain plans a 5:30 a.m. opening at 640 W. Boynton Beach Blvd., just off Interstate 95.
When the area's first Krispy Kreme shop opened last summer in West Palm Beach, the first person in line arrived at 1:30 a.m.
If you can stand out there all night, you might win some prizes.
"The first two or three people will get a dozen doughnuts a week for 52 weeks," promises franchisee Jim Cosentino."

Investing a few thousand dollars on an engineered PR event pays huge dividends in the long run and is certainly more cost effective than television or print media ads.