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Just a friendly reminder: March 1 Protest!

This is a reminder in case anyone missed it in the scroll. . .Unite/Resist, a network of concerned (make that alarmed, no, outraged) American citizens, is staging a protest march at Noon, Monday March 1, from Pioneer Courthouse Square. Hope to see you there!
A Declaration of Grievance, AKA Why We're Doing This:
A Declaration of Grievance, AKA Why We're Doing This:
Here follows the original announcement:

Attention all residents of the Portland, OR area!

Are you tired of electing the same old liars?
Do you long for a true choice in this so-called democratic process?
Does it bother you that the United States is financially supported by criminally immoral corporate and military acts?
Are you frightened at the rapid loss of Constitutional freedoms in this country?

Then say so!

On Monday, March 1 at noon, in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the citizens are gathering. We are gathering to march through the streets in the name of justice. We are gathering to raise our collective voice against a government which turns a deaf ear to our pleas. We are coming to take one small step in reclaiming our democratic choice.

Unite/Resist is a network of concerned citizens striving to raise public awareness and restore active involvement in Government. United States Government exists solely by the consent of the governed, and thus the people must hold the government accountable for its actions or we are all complicit in its crimes. Unite/Resist contends that the grievances against England which are enumerated in the Declaration of Independence are largely applicable to the United States today, and on a far greater scale. So join us in Pioneer Square on March 1 and declare, peacefully and nonviolently, your grievance against those elected to serve you. If the voice of the people is silent, we have damned ourselves and our nation.

Unite. Resist.
its kind of funny 26.Feb.2004 22:36


Its kind of funny that ya'll call yourself unite resist when the old unite resist was completly against all forms of government and state. Not a reformist group like you folks are.

I'll be there on march 1st just so i can talk to you folks. See whats going on in your collective noggins.

Awsome 26.Feb.2004 23:49


I bear no grudge that you guys have taken on our old title of "Unite Resist" . Keeping hope alive is all that matters.

Sigh 27.Feb.2004 09:11

a guy

Yet another reactionary reformist rally. Have you guys ever had any success with those things? Plus, is there actually anyone in Unite Resist besides you, Matthew?

reformist?!? 27.Feb.2004 09:12

well, it would really make you paranoid if i said

Hey "yelp", i happen to know that you are in SAA which is by its own nature reformist (even if it might be "radical" reformist) and that YOU have participated in a number of reformist actions yourself. sounds a bit like the pot calling the kettle black (oooh, but i bet that phrase isnt PC enough for you).
not to say that i support reformist actions, just that i dont support hypocracy.

hopefully this is put on the calendar 27.Feb.2004 12:38


because when events are put on the calendar they go up on the top of the front page on the day of the event... so it's important to make sure your event is also on the calendar since these posts get pushed down really fast...

...huh? 27.Feb.2004 14:14


I guess I'm getting a little off topic here but how is SAA reformist? We are working towards building a NEW school system, a dual power system. We have tried to ask for reforms in the current system, but it seemed kind of silly. I think what were doing now falls under the 'radical' title, even if only slightly. I'm getting tired of others attacking SAA because of personal problems with people in the group.

Also, I am against government, but I will show up for this march even if it is only to increase the numbers, because it's a step in the right direction, and because disrupting consumerism is fun.
I doubt the reformists will turn me, an anarchist, away as long as I'm not waving signs that say "the new Unite Resist is an Anarchist group, and you should be too!" and throwing rocks through windows... which I don't plan to do, for the record.

paranoid? 28.Feb.2004 00:04


Am I paranoid that someone from saa last year knows that I post under this name? No, not really.

Come down to our next meeting. Wednesday, 5:00pm. Ems. Auditorium. We can talk about these meetings face to face.
Revolutionary? Reactionary? I think the question should be asked effective vs. ineffective. There's years of building before we have a revolution and a lot of the work that needs to be done for it is not as "revolutionary" as folks want it to be.

BTW my above posts just articulate what's going on.
Old unite resist - anti government, anti capitalist
New unite resist - Pro government ("restore active involvement in Government"), anti corporation effecting politics.

I thought this was funny and ironic. Which it is.
Told them I was coming. Which I will be, to talk to them.

A couple of things you assumed.
1. In this article or the above comment, I critiqued reformism. Read the article. I didn't come out for or against.
2. That I would be ashamed to support reformist actions or events. Another thing that I realize is part of building a movement is solidarity. Of course I'm gonna go to events/actions that are explicitly reformist in nature, that's how we build solidarity.

Oh and obviously you have my email. Why don't you email me your comments so I don't have to publicly correct your ignorance of the groups you have no participation in? Further spreading the false ideas that have no context to our organizing.

---Addressing guy now.

If you knew matt in real life, I assume you would understand a bare margin of his politics. Do you think that he would support the new "network of concerned citizens" that's both pro-good leftist government, and not explicitly anti capitalist? My answer is no too.

Sorry for being rather pissed in my responses by I see attacking SAA or attacking me as kind of pointless and funny. Come to our meetings if you want to talk.

SAA speaks for itself 29.Feb.2004 13:37

Unite resist is not and never was a prominant local group.

SAA Speaks for itself, come to the meetings and see, watch a Student IMC video, or shut up.

its like the little kids who say vegtibals are yucky but have never tried them...

Why Do We Fight When We Want The Same Fucking Thing? 01.Mar.2004 07:33

Pax Vobiscum Funkerelli@yahoo.com

What's with this petty bickering over reactionary vs. revolutionary? I'm in the activism game with a purpose, to end oppression and support the voice of the voiceless. I hope everyone posting on here has the same or generally same goals. This protest is to be a step in the right direction. They're tired of this oppressive government as well. They say it's time for direct action, i.e. marching in the streets. And i'm totally with that. Maybe a lot of people (including myself) want to take the revolution a step or two further, but this is a good cause, so is SAA, and you know it, both groups (SAA and Unite*Resist). "If you tremble with indignation at ever injustice then you are a comrade of mine" Che said, and that makes Unite*Resist and I comrades at the start.

Love, Peace, Soy grease