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Liberal alternative to Drudge launches...

A team of fresh-out-of-college progessives have teamed up to launch the liberal alternative to Drudge: The Raw Story (www.rawstory.com).
Two recent graduates have teamed up to create a vitally needed resource on the web: Drudge for liberals.

The site, titled The Raw Story (www.rawstory.com), launched just two weeks ago and has already been at the vanguard of breaking news. It broke a story linking the CIA and a GOP thinktank to the rebellion in Haiti. It took a critical look at the situation on the ground in Kirkuk, a city riven by an ethnic divide that roils Iraqi society-at-large. And it proved it wasn't simply a liberally slanted outlet, by providing an insightful story into the background of Kerry's alleged 'war hero' status in Vietnam.

"It's really been an eye-opening experience," says John Byrne, one of the founders of the site. "In only two weeks we have two thousand people visiting the site from 51 different countries, and we've received a flood of email from those saying our site is desperately needed."

Byrne said he realized he was truly fed up when Drudge broke unsubstantiated rumors about a Kerry affair.

"It's time that someone stood up to Drudge," he remarked.

While relying largely on outside media outlets for stories (the site links to stories around the world), they've also managed to serve up a helping of fresh exclusive content. Editorials have flown in from Toronto, London and Los Angeles. Topics range from Generation X to a S&M dungeon on Valentine's day.

"I can't believe how many people have volunteered to write," says Jesse Kanson-Benanav, another cofounder. "Though we haven't got the money to pay people right now, we've seen a tremendous amount of support simply in submissions."

Kanson-Benanav says Raw Story tries to find a balance between humor and gravitas. Though many of the stories are politically focused, others simply touch upon odd moments in the news.

"There's always something for everyone," he says.

Updated constantly, the site makes its home on the web at  http://www.rawstory.com.

homepage: homepage: http://www.rawstory.com

but 26.Feb.2004 22:27

one already exists


Who the hell is Nexus Media? 27.Feb.2004 00:10


"Nexus | Media is the parent company for The Raw Story, a news, politics and entertainment website dedicated to providing an ever-changing array of interesting and relevant stories to the young consumer."

Well that leaves me out. I'll never qualify as a "young consumer" in their demographics. I ain't exactly young and am not a very good consumer. I teach my chillin's that if anyone calls 'em a good consumer they better tak a good look at their ways.

I agree about Cursor.org......

The raw story.... 27.Feb.2004 04:17

Tony Blair's dog

is that "The Raw Story" seems to be a covert zionist op.

Be cautious and careful.

Seems like cnn with colors 28.Feb.2004 02:30


blah. At least the drudgereport loads up in half a second at 56k.