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3rd Party in Portland Metro

Are there third party candidates running for office this year?
I was wondering what third party candidates are running for office in the portland/Vancouver metro area.

Who is running?
Here's Some 27.Feb.2004 09:37



James Posey is running for Mayor of Portland in the May 18, 2004 Primary. He's has been endorsed by the Metro Chapter of the Pacific Green Party.

The other candidates for local (Portland) races in the primary can be found here (some might be third party members):

Some other Greens who are running this year (but haven't yet been endorsed/nominated) in the state are:

Mitch Besser, US House of Representatives, District 5
Steve Geiger, Oregon House of Representatives, District 28
Tim Hermach, US Senate
Curt Sommer, Oregon House of Representatives, District 37
Liz Trojan, Citizens' Utility Board, District 5

The deadline to file for the May 18th Primary isn't for another week and half, so stay tuned I hope more Green candidates are on the way. More statewide candidates are also on the way, the nominating convention for Greens in Oregon for the November election is in June this year.

More info on the Green Party in Oregon can be found at:

 http://www.pacificgreens.org (state party)
 http://www.pdxgreens.org (local metro area chapter)

Well God Damn-Good News 27.Feb.2004 17:35


The Green candidacy should be placed regularly on indy media portland!

Other offices should also be posted.