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Seattlelivemusic.net and Ben Schroeter, have illegally domain swiped Kirsten Anderberg's domain names via FRAUD. He has replaced her motherzosima.com and kirstenanderberg.com sites with his fetish, "horny fat chicks..." - ugh.
Seattlelivemusic.net, and its owner Ben Schroeter, have illegally domain swiped Kirsten Anderberg/Mother Zosima's web domain names via FRAUD. He has stolen her www.motherzosima.com site and replaced it with "horny fat chicks" porn. He has taken over www.kirstenanderberg.com and posted first illegal slander, defamation and invasion of privacy, and now "horny fat chicks." He has taken her feminist body esteem site at www.adoreyourself.com and replaced it with, you guessed it, Ben's fetish, "horny fat women."

The whole story is on www.kanderberg.blogspot.com, or visit my REAL writing site at www.angelfire.com/la3/kirstenanderberg, my real performing site at www.angelfire.com/wa2/motherzosima, and my body esteem site, www.angelfire.com/or2/adoreyourself. Looks like Ben is probably the one who has now posted hard core porn on the site that is like mine too, at www.anglefire.com/la3/kirstenanderberg.

My name domains were swindled from me by a scam created and facilitated by Ben Schroeter, Seattlelivemusic.net and Active-Domain.com. Last week, when I found out Ben stole my sites, he first posted illegal slander and invasion of privacy on my kirstenanderberg.com site. I called his host server for the Seattlelivemusic.net site, which is Homestead.com and they shut his site completely down within two hours of my complaint, all last weekend for his illegal behavior. Interestingly, when Seattlelivemusic.net was shut down, alot of other Seattle venue sites started coming up disabled by Homestead too, such as reggaehotline.com, ballardfirehouse.com, larrysbluescafe.com, ocff.org, all of those came up DISABLED BY HOMESTEAD when Seattlelivemusic.net went down. And all came back up when Ben's site came back up...makes me wonder how many people's web sites and domain names does Ben Schroeter and Seattlelivemusic.net OWN WITHOUT THE PROPER OWNER KNOWING RE THIS? JUST LIKE ME?

Seattlelivemusic.net is only online right now ON THE CONDITION THAT THEY DO NOT MENTION MY NAME. As the first set of slander went down right on the Seattlelivemusic.net SITE! If that site ever mentions my name, it will be PERMANENTLY DISABLED BY HOMESTEAD.com without discussion. He is on NOTICE now.

Ben was also told by Active-Domain.com that he may not use those sites to resolve his ripping off of me and me busting him...and was told he had to stop linking my names to his slander sites. So today, what does he do? Hook up all my name sites to his porn crap. And since I do esteem work with fat acceptance for women, he decided to just whack my clients in the face with "horny FAT chicks..." This behavior is reprehensible and disgusting. I am suing both Ben and Seattlelivemusic.net as well as Active-Domain.com in March.

I ask that if you are a performer, please go to seattlelivemusic.net and see if he is listing you in his links or artist sections. If Ben IS listing you and you see this as DISGUSTING BEHAVIOR, as it truly is, please disassociate yourself with this man and his corrupt business that ripped me off and tell him to GET YOUR URL OFF HIS SITE IN HIS LINKS OR ARTIST SECTIONS. Follow it up when he doesn't respect your wishes.

I ask you BOYCOTT THE www.seattlelivemusic.net WEBSITE.
I ask if you are a feminist, that you write Seattlelivemusic.net and ask them to stop harassing a feminist writer.
I ask if you are a busker, you ask Seattelivemusic.net to quit abusing a street performer.
If you are a writer, I ask you write a news story on this. Email me at  sheelanagig@juno.com, I will give you an interview.
This is complete and utter bullshit. People need to know Seattlelivemusic.net and Ben Schroeter are ripping off a performer! A writer! A feminist! An anarchist! An activist...and he is smearing his porn all over me as he makes all of my domain names his own personal jackoff palaces, it is utterly disgusting and gross.

Please help me peel this stalking bastard off of me and get him to quit sliming my name sites with his porn sites and his illegal slander and his grotesque behavior. What in the hell this man is after is beyond me...it is a form of stalking at this point.

Please boycott this scumbag man and his business. They ripped me off and are abusing me now.

homepage: homepage: http://www.angelfire.com/la3/kirstenanderberg
address: address: Seattle, WA

??? 27.Feb.2004 16:29

not really concerned

Ummm, shoulden't this rant be confined to the Seattle Indymedia wire?

I'm concerned. 29.Feb.2004 15:11

Another anarchist.

And so shouldn't everyone else in independent media.