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Debate Tonight In Los Angeles

John Edwards will take part in tonight's CNN/LA Times Democratic presidential deabate on the campus of the University of Southern California. You can watch the debate live on CNN at 9PM ET.
Edwards Holds Commanding Lead Over Bush In New Poll

The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll out today shows John Edwards with a ten-point lead over George W. Bush! (Edwards 54%, Bush 44%) The poll of likely voters shows just how far John Edwards has come in the last year. He's gone from one of the pack to the verge of the nomination. This poll shows John Edwards can beat George Bush, but he needs your help to get the nomination. Help today as the Senator prepares to take his message to Super Tuesday states across the country.

Watch the debate tonight!
You can watch the debate live on CNN at 9PM ET.

Anyone Else? 26.Feb.2004 16:54


Will he be talking to himself?

master of platitude 26.Feb.2004 17:06


I listen to John Edwards and I can't for the life of me figure out what his plans are. He talks about fixing everything, while ignoring the fact that he helped to write the patriot act, the legistlation for the war in Iraq. He seems to be a fake populist to me, while claiming his plan to bring the two america's together..he just bought his fourth house. Start bringing the two americas together today John, open some of your homes to the homeless. Do you really need four?

thanks mike 27.Feb.2004 13:48


couldn't have said it better myself.

(btw who even *heard* of John Edwards until 10 days ago anyway? p.s. anyone remember Wesley Clark? Howard Dean? and all the Indymedia posts that went with them . . .)