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Cascaida Forest Defenders Need Your Help!

CFD is actively seeking donations from folks who want to help us in our fight against the forest service and timber industries' wanton destruction of our national forests.
Cascadia Forest Defenders needs your help! We are about to start another hard season of fighting the destruction of our natural environment with a dwindling bank account and no working vehicle.

We are looking for *any* working vehicle you might like to donate or sell *very* cheap, but we would prefer a truck or other four-wheel drive vehicle that can handle a lot of use on gravel roads and mountainous terrain. Diesel (so we could convert to biodiesel) is a plus, but not necessary.

We also need monetary donations desperately. A lot of financial resources went into the protection of Straw Devil last summer, and to protect Oregon's forests again this year, we need money to purchase much-needed gear to keep our climbers safe in the trees and our ground crew safe and healthy in the forest.

Checks made out to "Cascadia Forest Defenders" can be sent to:

Cascadia Forest Defenders
PO Box 11122
Eugene, OR 97440

If you'd like to donate actual outdoors or climbing gear, or a vehicle, please contact us:

Phone: 541-684-8977
Email:  forestdefenders@riseup.net

Thanks for your continued support!

homepage: homepage: http://www.forestdefenders.org
phone: phone: 541-684-8977
address: address: PO Box 11122 / Eugene, OR 97440

Time for another Auction? 27.Feb.2004 05:39

Vibze Kartel

We have done it that past 3 or 4 years.Brings in a couple G's. Better start solicting local stores and artist and resturaunts,etc, for goods. Last year we did it at the wild duck banquet hall. It was a nice place but Wild ducks benificiaries are right wing scum. we actually lost a few donors cause of that very reason. Wow hall would be a good place for a benifit/auction. Stay strong.

You bet 27.Feb.2004 19:52


Plans for another auction are in the works. We're not going to have it at Wild Duck again. First off, they closed; secondly, they were WAY to expensive; thirdly, the whole right-wing thing. We have potentially found a cheaper place...

...Oh, and sorry for misspelling 'Cascadia' on the title. You type a word so many times and it begins to blur...