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Visit Lovely Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia is now issuing tourist visas! Come to the country that gave us Osama Bin Laden, funds Hamas suicide bombers, and has bought off most of the Washington political establishment! Some religious restrictions apply...
Visa Requirements

Everyone who enters the Kingdom should have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity and the appropriate visa.

Unless you are a visitor from a GCC country or in transit, all other nationalities require a visa to enter the Kingdom.á Visas can be for business, tourist, transit, residency, family, Hajj, or conference attendance.

Visas can be obtained from the visa department in the Saudi Embassy of the visitor's home country or from Saudi Consulates available in all main cities around the world.

The cost of a visa is generally 200 Saudi Riyals however visitors should ensure that they check with the Saudi Embassy or Consulate.

Visas will not be issued for the following groups of people:

An Israeli passport holder or a passport that has an Israeli arrival/departure stamp.
Those who don't abide by the Saudi traditions concerning appearance and behaviors.á Those under the influence of alcohol will not be permitted into the Kingdom.
There are certain regulations for pilgrims and you should contact the consulate for more information.
Jewish People

Important Instructions:

If a woman is arriving in the Kingdom alone, the sponsor or her husband must receive her at the airport.
Every woman must have confirmed accommodation for the duration of her stay in the Kingdom.
Aá woman is not allowed to drive a car and can therefore only travel by car if she is accompanied by her husband, a male relative, or a driver.
All visitors to the Kingdom must have a return ticket.
Pilgrims must also have all valid documentation and a passport that is valid for 6 months.

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ęSupreme Commission for Tourism 2003

to the "Goyim" Zionist TROLL posting this message - 26.Feb.2004 14:27

9-11 Inquiry Chair Tied To Osama's Brother-In-Law

and *you* (yes, you TROLL) would want to visit Saudi *for what reason*?

1. inspect ARAMCO facilities
2. roast in the 130 degree desert sun
3. make some oil bank deposits/withdrawals for the bin Laden family on behalf of Arbusto Energy

p.s. when was the last time you visited the Gaza strip?

To: 9-11 Inquiry Chair Tied To Osama's Brother-In-Law 26.Feb.2004 14:45

Your Goyim Travel Agent

Dear 9-11 Inquiry Chair Tied To Osama's Brother-In-Law:

Are you familar with the concept of a "joke"?

It is interesting though, that the Saudis has dispensed with the all the tired theological debate about who is a "Zionist" and who is a "Jew", and simply exclude all "Jewish people".

Though I am sure that if you explain that you really, really dislike Sharon (and never go to temple), the Kingdom will let you in.

Crap Alert 26.Feb.2004 15:23


"gave us Osama Bin Laden, funds Hamas suicide bombers, and has bought off most of the Washington political establishment"

Osama is from Yemen, not Saudi Arabia.
Iran funds Hamas, not Saudi Arabia.
AIPAC has bought off the Washington political establishment, not Saudi Arabia. The evidence is posted all over the web and manifested in the political loyalties of the Washington political establishment - that would be towards Israel.

Just thought I'd clear up some of the bullshit.

Don't You Dislike Haliburton? 26.Feb.2004 15:36

Your Goyim Travel Agent

Come now - the wife of the Ambassador to Saudi Arabia gives money to some of the 9/11 hijackers, and Colin Powell himself comes to her defense. Hard to imagine him doing that for the wife of the Syrian ambassador.

Besides, the Saudis made Haliburton and Bechtel what they are today - if you wanted to have some real fun, start making an issue of how many American Jews Haliburton and Bechtel employ in Saudi Arabia (quick answer: zero). Painting those companies as anti-Semitic would give them a certain amount of political problems in DC, one would think, particularly if AIPAC is as powerful as you say it is.

The Saudis give tons of money to all the Palestinan organizations, including Hamas - Iran may fund Hamas too, but Iran's favored anti-Israel organization is Hezbollah.

to 'Goyim' TROLL - 26.Feb.2004 18:15

get the hell off this site, and stay off.

wtf are you babbling about? "Haliburton [sic] Anti-Semitic"

what does that have to do WITH ANYTHING??? WHAT THE FUCK are you trying Disinformationally insert now?

as far as Israeli influence on large-scale U.S. military and corporate policies and investments, look to Richard Perle (who else?) and JINSA:

U.S. companies have been involved with Saudi Arabia for generations because of oil interests. Halliburton and Bechtel are directly tied to the current White House multimillionaire occupants.

Speaking of which, follow the MONEY:



by Jane Mayer

Issue of 2003-05-05
Posted 2003-04-28

Back when Americans were still debating whether there was just cause for a pre-emptive strike against Iraq, few arguments were scrutinized more closely than the Bush Administration's contention that there were covert links between Al Qaeda and Iraq. At the C.I.A., analysts pored over aerial satellite photographs. At the Treasury Department, experts sifted through financial records. At the National Security Agency, Arab-speaking linguists eavesdropped on phone conversations. But, even after Secretary of State Colin Powell put his credibility on the line, in a damning, dot-connecting speech before the United Nations last February, questions persisted about the solidity of the alleged links between Saddam and Osama.

Now there is a new and demonstrable connection, but it is not the kind that the Bush Administration had in mind. In fact, it is more likely to fuel the speculations of conspiracy theorists than it is to put their fears to rest. It turns out that a money trail runs - albeit rather circuitously - from the lucrative business of rebuilding Iraq to the fortune behind Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden?s estranged family, a sprawling, extraordinarily wealthy Saudi Arabian dynasty, is a substantial investor in a private equity firm founded by the Bechtel Group of San Francisco. Bechtel is also the global construction and engineering company to which the U.S. government recently awarded the first major multimillion-dollar contract to reconstruct war-ravaged Iraq. In a closed competitive bidding process, the United States Agency for International Development chose Bechtel to rebuild the major elements of Iraq?s infrastructure, including its roads, railroads, airports, hospitals, and schools, and its water and electrical systems. In the first phase of the contract, the U.S. government will pay Bechtel nearly thirty-five million dollars, but experts say that the cost is likely to reach six hundred and eighty million during the next year and a half.

When the contract was awarded, two weeks ago, the Administration did not mention that the bin Laden family has an ongoing relationship with Bechtel. The bin Ladens have a ten-million-dollar stake in the Fremont Group, a San Francisco-based company formerly called Bechtel Investments, which was until 1986 a subsidiary of Bechtel. The Fremont Group's Web site, which makes no mention of the bin Ladens, notes that "though now independent, Fremont enjoys a close relationship with Bechtel." A spokeswoman for the company confirmed that Fremont's "majority ownership is the Bechtel family." And a list of the corporate board of directors shows substantial overlap. Five of Fremont's eight directors are also directors of Bechtel. One Fremont director, Riley Bechtel, is the chairman and chief executive officer of the Bechtel Group, and is a member of the Bush Administration: he was appointed this year to serve on the President's Export Council. In addition, George Shultz, the Secretary of State in the Reagan Administration, serves as a director both of Fremont and of the Bechtel Group, where he once was president and still is listed as senior counsellor.

Rick Kopf, the general counsel of the Fremont Group, which manages some eleven billion dollars in assets, confirms that the bin Laden family invested about ten million dollars in one of Fremont's private funds before September 11, 2001. He noted that the bin Laden family has not enlarged its stake since then, but he declined to provide additional details about its association with the firm. He also chose not to discuss the origin or the nature of the relationship between the bin Laden and Bechtel families, both of which made fortunes in huge construction projects in the Arab world. The Fremont Group evidently does not go in for connecting the dots. As Kopf said, "Ownership is private and is not disclosed."

May 12, 2003

Group Therapy
Bush, Bin Laden, Bechtel and Baghdad

Veteran observers of the klepto-plutocracy that has, lazar-like, long encrusted the American body politic were not surprised to see the hoary name of the Bechtel Group bobbing up in the swill of sweetheart deals now being doled out by the Corrupter-in-Chief for the "reconstruction" of his new fiefdom in Iraq. Decades before its comrade in cronyism, the Carlyle Group, made its meteoric, Bush-assisted ascent to global prominence, Bechtel had already perfected the dark art of milking intimate government connections for fat, risk-free contracts.

Last week, while the notorious coward George W. Bush --who walked away from his National Guard duty during the Vietnam War, a criminal act known as "desertion" when committed by lesser mortals --was basking in the man-musk of a shipload of sailors, reciting his usual lies about al Qaeda's "alliance" with Saddam Hussein, and weasel-wording his "victory" declaration to avoid taking full legal responsibility for the consequences of the war of aggression he had unleashed, Bechtel was quietly pocketing a secret, closed-bid, open-ended Iraq contract that could give them almost $700 million in taxpayer money before the 2004 election --with the alluring prospect of untold billions to follow, Mother Jones reports.

What's more, as the New Yorker reports, this public largess will also fill the coffers of a key Bechtel partner in Saudi Arabia --a well-connected global conglomerate that has also been a long-time financial partner of both George Bush I and George Bush II: the Bin Laden Group.

Bechtel, which has served Saudi royalty for more than 60 years, bristles with heavyweight kleptoplute connections. During the 1980s, current Bush warlord Don Rumsfeld acted as a paid shill for a Bechtel pipeline project in the Middle East, operating with the blessing of the Reagan-Bush administration's secretary of state, George Schultz --Bechtel's former president (and now "senior counsel" to the company). Rummy conducted a passionate two-year courtship of a certain Saddam Hussein, plying him with trinkets, blandishments and sweetmeats to win his lordly favor for a Bechtel-built line from Iraq to Jordan, according to national security archives obtained by the Institute for Policy Studies.

Rumsfeld's strenuous attempt to lay pipe with Saddam happened to coincide with the latter's most extensive use of poison gas in the Iran-Iraq war --gassing carried out with the exemplary assistance of U.S. military intelligence and technology provided by the Reagan-Bush administration and its "special envoy" to Baghdad: Don Rumsfeld. Meanwhile, another Reagan-Bush crony, Attorney General Ed Meese, tried to bribe the Israeli government with $700 million in secret funds to put the kibosh on their opposition to the Bechtel deal, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. This skullduggery earned Meese an investigation by a special prosecutor, but as the case lacked the key element of any serious government crime --oral sex with an intern --the probe was soon dropped.

In the end, Saddam --who first went on the CIA payroll back in the early 1960s, Reuters reports --balked at Bechtel's billion-dollar price tag and rejected the project. Now of course, in a fitting bit of historical symmetry, the son of the CIA's most famous director, George Bush, has handed Iraq to Bechtel on a silver platter.

This move will delight --and enrich --the Bush/Bechtel buddies in the Bin Laden Group. As oft noted in these pages, in the 1980s George W. Bush received a helping hand for his floundering oil businesses from the Saudi group's front man, Khalid bin Mahfouz, who secretly cast bin Laden bread upon American waters to win influence with well-connected kleptoplutes --like, say, the wayward son of the former CIA director and then-current Vice President.

Today, Mahfouz is under house arrest in Saudi Arabia for allegedly financing the holy-war hijinks of the bin Ladens' own wayward son, Osama. Or to be completely accurate, he's accused of financing those holy-war hijinks after the Reagan-Bush CIA finally stopped financing them. But despite his confinement, Mahfouz (who is also Osama's brother-in-law) is still a player in the kleptoplute nexus: for example, he's currently a business partner of former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean --the very man whom George W. Bush has appointed to chair the investigation of the September 11 terrorist attacks allegedly ordered by, yes, that ex-CIA employee and former executive of the Bin Laden Group: Osama bin Laden.

The Bin Laden Group was also heavily invested in the Carlyle Group, the "private equity" firm (and major arms merchant) that, like Bechtel, specializes in the sell-off of public services and other government-insider deals. Carlyle's best-known bagman, George Bush I, used to make ritual pilgrimages to bin Laden family headquarters in Saudi Arabia to procure their potent baksheesh. When Carlyle's post-Sept. 11 orgy of war-profiteering began drawing unwanted attention, however, the bin Ladens cashed in their Carlyle chips and, officially, ended the partnership.

But they remain welded to Bechtel and will now reap the fruits of the latest installment of the War of the Wayward Sons --a conflict driven on both sides by ludicrous and primitive religious passions coupled with a voracious lust for power and loot. Yet although this war has now engulfed the entire planet, it is no "clash of civilizations" or grand agon of world-historical forces. As shown by the small sampling of connections above, it's more of a dust-up in the boardroom, a falling-out at the country club, a bit of bad blood amongst a tiny clique of vicious predators threaded together in a Byzantine web of kinship, corporate ties --and complicity in generations of murderous crime.

Chris Floyd is a columnist for the Moscow Times and a regular contributor to CounterPunch. He can be reached at:  cfloyd72@hotmail.com

Bin Laden Ties:

Huh? 27.Feb.2004 00:05

Your Goyim Travel Agent

I'm not sure what sort of disinformation I'm supposed to be providing.

There really isn't a contradiction between Saudi Arabia and Israel both having a ton of influence in Washington - we sell Israel F-15's (which Saudi Arabia doesn't like), and we sell Saudi Arabia F-15's (which Israel doesn't like). Neither of them get entirely what they want, but that doesn't mean country A has no influence, and country B has all the influence.

Of course Halliburton and Bechtel are closely tied to the White House - one would think that any bright candidate running against the Republicans would be raising holy hell about the Administration's ties to Saudi Arabia - of course, one of the problems is that Saudi money has been spread all over Washington, and the Democrats hardly have clean hands either. Perhaps Ralph can raise this as an issue.

It is odd - you would think that Saudi Arabia would be the last country on earth progressives would defend - it practices blatant religious discrimination (possession of a Bible in Saudi Arabia is punishable by death), severely opresses its Shia minority, refuses to let women drive, makes women wear gunnysacks, arrests women who are found in the company of any man not their husband or relative. and is a repressive theocratic monarchy. Besides their ties to the Bush administration...

I post a Saudi document that inadvertently indicates how bad Saudi society really is, and I get 1) a defense of Saudi behavior, and 2) accusations that I am somehow a Zionist agent for pointing out how awful the Saudi government is. Sheesh...

Examine exactly what it is you are defending, and who you are defending.

Who are *YOU* Defending, 'Goyim'? 27.Feb.2004 00:44

9-11 Inquiry Chair Tied To Osama's Brother-In-Law

"Saudi document that inadvertently indicates how bad Saudi society really is"

--so, WTF??!?!

how bad *IS* it, really? are you female? have you ever ACTUALLY LIVED (not vacationed for 2 weeks, BUT ***LIVED*** for months or years) in a non-Western, non-European country anywhere at all?

FYI - foreign policy and human rights *frequently* run in *opposite*, contradictory directions and objectives.

there are LOTS of "bad societies". [News to you apparently, huh "Goyim"??] Saudi is just another example of an autocratic monarchy which supports an oil-rich bloodline elite at the expense of poor, forced-to-urbanize nomadic masses. with religious fundamentalism veiling it all, public death penalties for insurrectionists/murderers, public amputations for thieves, etc.

and another autocratic monarchy that the U.S. - and Britain - has had a decades-long alliance (which as in most such alliances BTW, matters a fuck of a lot more to bloodline elites than the Saudi masses) with, based [YEP, YOU GUESSED IT "Goyim" - *not* on how well they treat women!!!] solely on Middle East oil and strategic interests.

"Examine exactly what it is you are defending, and who you are defending."

--Y_E_A_H. MY question to YOU.

what's your point?????

shall Ralph Nader singlehandedly go "liberate" dem pooooor Saudis?

just how the FUCK would he - or *anybody* - do so? a la illegal Iraq invasion 2003? coup attempt a la Venezuela 2001-2002? CIA/death squad/Military Overthrow a la Chile Sept. 11, 1973?

what makes *****YOU***** so FUCKIN' CONCERNED about the desperate "Saudi Plight" all of a sudden in 2004, "Goyim"?

perhaps related to how you feel *so compassionately* about the plight of Afghan women?

hot tip: these organizations have immediate need for your help, compassion, donations, and time  http://www.amnesty.org/  http://www.hrw.org/

Tourists invited to Saudi sea and sun 27.Feb.2004 03:36

Brian Whitaker

Thursday February 26, 2004
The Guardian

The sun and sand are guaranteed, but Club 18-30 devotees should think twice before stripping off on the beach or canoodling under the palm trees. There's no vino to slake the throats of lobster-coloured visitors, and those with a taste for wacky baccy risk getting their heads chopped off.

Saudi Arabia, normally a byword for stern and puritanical sobriety, is preparing to show the world its jollier side by issuing visas to tourists. At present they are issued only for employment, pilgrimages and other approved visits, and can be difficult to obtain.

Tourist visas will be introduced within a few weeks, officials quoted by the daily Arab News in Jeddah said.

Tourism accounts for about 9% of Saudi Arabia's GDP, but the tourists are mainly Saudis themselves.The plan to market the kingdom to foreigners is intended to create 1.5 million-2.3 million jobs by 2020.

Construction of the Prince Sultan College for tourist and hotel management began in 2001, and there are plans for 50,000 new hotel rooms.

Besides deserts and oases, Saudi Arabia has mountain ranges, several national parks and 2.7 million hectares (6.7 million acres) of forest. The Red Sea coast is one of the best places in the world for scuba diving, and bungee jumping is also said to be popular.

Plans for a timeshare complex in Mecca, with views of the Grand Mosque, were announced last year, though the city is closed to non-Muslims.

The British government continues to advise against all but essential travel to Saudi Arabia, after suicide bombings last year, and some Saudis doubt that the country is ready to cope with foreign tourists.

In December, a Briton and an American were arrested after taking diving lessons in the Red Sea, apparently suspected of planning to attack shipping.

The supreme commission for tourism's website lists those who will not be allowed in: Jews; people with Israeli stamps in their passport; "those who don't abide by the Saudi traditions concerning appearance and behaviour", and "those under the influence of alcohol".