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Youth Unite to Vote

Several members of NYRA (National Youth Rights Association) in Berkeley will be facing arrest attempting to win their right to vote as full citizens in primaries on March 2. There is a call out for any who want to join in the struggle for youth liberation, the last civil rights movement.
On Tuesday March 2, members of NYRA-Berkeley plan on doing a protest/sit-in at their local polling place for their right to vote. NYRA-Berkeley leader, Robert Reynolds says the group plans to ask for a ballot, and when they are denied, refuse to leave. 6-7 activists prepared to face arrest in defense of their right to vote. Another 30 will protest outside.

If you live in the Berkeley, California area and want to participate, please contact Robert Reynolds at:  lynto_the_bold@yahoo.com.

Since there will be many primaries going on this Tuesday it is our hope others will choose to protest and sit-in at their polling place to campaign for lowering the voting age. If your state has an election on Tuesday, or in the days ahead please consider doing some action in support of lowering the voting age at your polls.

This has the chance to spread around the country and spark a great national debate on lowering the voting age. The more people who participate the better our chances. Please send an e-mail to  NYRAUSA@aol.com if you are interested in doing something in your area.

If you are unable to protest, please at the least, spread the word to everyone you know and pass on this e-mail to all your friends. People need to know about this.

The right to vote is an essential component of democracy and of citizenship in the United States. Individuals have been fighting over their right to vote since this country was founded and that fight is long from over. Despite paying taxes and facing adult criminal penalties, millions of young people are denied the right to vote. Now is our chance to push this issue forward and continue to build momentum for this all over the country.

The movement is moving. Get involved!

homepage: homepage: http://www.youthrights.org

Weird. 26.Feb.2004 22:44


Calling this the last civil rights movement seems wack!

Have you all been reading the newspaper recently? Look at the queer rights movement right now. Thats just merely the one that has been the most vocal recently. There are numerous different movements doing great work right now, by calling your youth rights movement the last civil rights movement is just complete crap.

So someone please explain to me how this makes sense in your minds.