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The Daily Poetry Movement

Taslima Nasrin. "character" Nasrin is a poet in exile from Bangladesh. Somehow there is an award given by European Parliament called Freedom of Thought. She won it in 1994. Because of her crazy woman spirit which lights up this earth she has death threats against her by both muslims and hindus. It's hard for some folks to see an upity woman. But I got to RISE!

You're a girl
and you'd better not forget
that when you step over the threshold of your house
men will look askance at you.
When you keep walking down the lane
men will follow you and whistle.
When you cross the lane and step onto the main road
men will revile you and call you a loose woman.

If you've got no character
you'll turn back,
and if not
you'll keep on going,
as you're going now.
a link on the author 26.Feb.2004 02:32

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