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Fixing Radio Forum

Saturday, Feb 28 3pm-7pm
JBL Film Theater, Experience Music Project, Seattle
admission is free.*
Join us this Saturday afternoon for two panel discussions on the current situation of broadcast radio and how to make it better!

Participants include
Ann Chaitovitz (Director of Sound Recordings, AFTRA)
Frank Barrow (Operations manager, Kris Bennett Broadcasting)
Simon Grant (musician and board member of AFM Local 76-493)
Jonathan Lawson (Reclaim the Media)
Sharon Maeda (former Executive Director, Pacifica Radio)
Phil Manning (station manager, KNDD /Entercom)
Tom Mara (executive director, KEXP)
David Meinert (Recording Academy, formerly of JAMPAC)
John Sandifer (executive director, AFTRA Seattle)
Bruce Wirth (public affairs director, KBCS)
Billy Zero (host of "Unsigned," XM Satellite Radio)
and more musicians, activists and public officials to be announced! Moderated by Ross Reynolds (KUOW) and Michael Tierney (formerly of KUBE, VH1). Introductory comments from Sharon Nelson (Chief of Consumer Protection, Wash. State Attorney General's office; national Chair, Consumers Union)

Taking place as the FCC is conducting localism hearings across the country to assess the radio industry's ability to serve local audiences, our FIXING RADIO Forum is poised to influence the next round of media policy debates in Washington, D.C. After the forum, conference organizers will distill all of our best insights into a Seattle Statement on radio reform, to guide federal policymakers and inspire additional public debate. Come Saturday to join the conversation!

For more information and last-minute updates see www.reclaimthemedia.org.

Co-presented by Reclaim the Media, the Recording Academy (Northwest Chapter), Experience Music Project, Fuzed Music, KEXP, the Future of Music Coalition and Music for America.

* tickets are free and required for entry; available at EMP on the day of the event.

homepage: homepage: http://www.reclaimthemedia.org/fixingradio