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an activist of homeless liberation group in osakkka was kidnapped and arrested by G.P.

an activist of homeless liberation group in osakkka was kidnapped and arrested by Geheimnis Polizei on 17 February 2004. he was released from Sonezaki police office on 19 Feb 2004. he is innocent. despite of his innocence, Police has not tried to apologize to him and other comrades!
Support the KamaPat crackdown of FEB 17 2004
Rage against Osaka Police's oppression on the homeless movement

To all,

On February 17 2004, the Kamagasaki-Patrol member, K's apartment was raided and then arrested by 10 Osaka police inspectors, including Koan (public order/security police detectives) under suspicion of "processing of inconsistent copy of electronically notarized documents". Released in the morning of 19th, we do not tolerate the injustice done to our fellow member by the Osaka police.

Osaka police did it because he had had homeless people's residents' cards registered under his address. But the truth is that he did it simply to put their address on his temporarily and to support the fellows who can not receive the national pension or applying for a job without address.

The homeless fellows and day laborers are being discriminated as "you have no address"or "you have no residential card", being so not unable to apply for a job nor receive the national pension. Even worse, some fellows who are able to receive public assistance are unable to transfer his residential card due to a pressure from an illegal moneylender's unjust collection (the moneylenders are living off of his public assistance, his only income to survive. The administration had not only neglected to tackle this social illness being irresponsible, but rather pushed more on the social edge. Because of non actions seen from anywhere, K had been providing fellow homeless to use his address. If this is a crime leading to an arrest, it implies that fellow homeless' basic rights and existence are
completely being denied. And we feel urgent not to be silent allowing them to do the same to other fellow homeless support groups.

During his two-day arrest and investigation, the Osaka police threatened him about his past protesting activities as a blackmailing exercise (he escorted a fellow applying for public assistance, demanding welfare ward officer for a fare procession.). After the even, more than 10 officers approach the homeless tents where the fellows who had used his address, and made them put in an appearance, then harassing them by saying "Change your address immediately otherwise we arrest you." "(by showing the supporters' photo images) Who is the leader?" "Give the supporters' names and who were at the protest in last May?" (A protest to Osaka administration when fellow's belongings was forcefully taken). "Why you do soup-kitchen?" They even accused not to do soup-kitchen in Umeda Station (Kama-pat's recently lanched activity). All these questions irrelevant of this event, sometime up to nine hours a day! When the fellows remain silence, which is protected by the constitution, the police kick the fellows legs or grub the fellows and bully them.

Police patrolling and controlling of parks are entailed in "Homeless Special Treatment Law" which was formed in July 2002 and the nation's "homeless support policy"@Even before these new law and policy, we had seen administrating and monitoring such as the case the Osaka police were collecting fingerprints of fellow homeless when imperial family was visiting the area.@The police have increasing its power and establishing the nation who could exercise a war since the Yuji Law (controversial national emergency law) and sending Japanese Self Defense Force to Iraq.

Since the introduction of infamous "homeless special treatment bill", elimination and interning (into shelters) are escalating everywhere in Japan. We are certain that the case of raiding and arresting of our fellow member had intended to destroy the homeless movement. We are certain because the pretense used for was a minor offence and long hours of investigations, often irrelevant to the case, done to the fellow homeless, was nothing but unnecessary.

We do not tolerate the Osaka police's unjust suppression on the homeless support group. We encourage all of our fellow supporters to support and be fully aware of the case onward, and kindly ask you to sing the protest statement below.

Please email or fax us after signing your name and your organization. Your names will be on our website or our flyer.

e-mail: kamapat (at) infoseek.jp
phone&fax: +81-6-6374-2233
url:  http://www.geocities.co.jp/WallStreet/9279/

address: address: osaka

What's with the three 'k's? 25.Feb.2004 20:29


It can't be the KKK as in Ku Klux Klan, can it? Japanese law enforcement aren't white supremecists. Is there something I'm missing? Please advise. I am curious.

oh please 25.Feb.2004 23:00

can't be racists

japanese are delightedly racists - what do you think afforded them latitude in the second world war? ask koreans living in japan today about japanese racism.

It's 3 'c's 25.Feb.2004 23:41


cash + cops = classwarfare

Please read my post again 26.Feb.2004 00:03


I didn't say that Japanese weren't racist. I said they were white supremacists. I don't need to ask any Koreans. I know quite a lot about it myself.

Correction 26.Feb.2004 00:33

to the above post

I said they WEREN'T white supremacists.

kkk explained 06.Mar.2004 06:03


On the "kkk" thing, I know the author, and i know that he often uses the three "kkk's" when he spells the names of city or country governments who are using the kind of violent terrorist tactics the KKK uses, or just being facist, in general. He often writes "Amerikkka" for example. Or in this case, the city of Osaka receives his wrath ("Osakka"). He's a long-time punk rock fan, he maybe picked it up from there.
And just to put my two cents in, I have to agree with you all, Japan is indeed racist as fuck. Instead of skinheads, they have Nationalists, who drive around in trucks blaring the Nationalist anthem, shouting at foreigners to go home, threating them, in some cases. I saw them in Kyoto at an anti-war demo. Scary. What really deadens your heart, though, is the much more subtle, day-in, day-out racism. I know America has major race problems, but after being away, I really miss it. America really does have so many kinds of people living shoulder to shoulder, not treated equally, but all considered Americans, at least. Here, you can be born here, and you aren't considered a citizen. Hell, your parents and even grandparents can be born here, and most everyone will still call you a "foreigner." I am not exaggerating, and it's not just in rural areas; my city is 120 K, and people stare and point.
Anyway, here's to rooting out racism the world over, and fighting police oppression of the poor! Solidarity and love to my comrades in Osaka/Osakka.