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Internet providers will do nothing to stop DOS attacks on your personal computer.

Here's the run down on what your internet provider will do for you--NOTHING at all unless your getting SPAMED!
Your internet provider doesn't give a damn if you get DOS attacked or someone takes over your personal computer. If you think I'm kidding, just call your internet provider and see what if anything they are willing to do for you when you are DOS attacked or someone has taken control of your personal computer. The answer will be this--it's your computer, you fix it yourself and don't brother us about it.

Or try contacting the offending internet provider and see what type of response you get----you'll get NOTHING from them either. They'll deny it came from their members.

The only thing that is so important to warrant an investigation is if you get SPAMED, not hacked. They don't want spamiing going on because the corporate thugs don't want to get spamed either. It fills up their inbox, and they don't want that----but let someone try hacking their computers an all hell brakes loose. They'll go through the server logs until they find the offending computer and have an arrest warrant out in your name in less time it would take you to make a pot coffee. But they won't do that for you, the end user who has to go through them to get your e-mail messages go surfing.

They gladely take your money every month but when you want or need help---they won't lift a finger to help you trace down the hacker; it's not their concern at all. SPAM is what they get after. That's their number one top priority, not others hacking into your peersonal computer.

I want to convey to anyone reading this article. You are on your own if you are hacked, sent Denial of Service (DOS) pings , or anything that that limits your movement over the internet.

Really re-consider using online banking, no matter where or what isp you might be using, or what bank you do business with, you have to go through level3.net to check on your bank account. If you got hacked while doing business with your bank they won't help either, since you have to go through level3.net----the Biggest BACK DOOR you'll ever run into!

And don't ask CONGRESS for help either, they won't write and pass laws coverning the internet to protect the end user (US). But sure as hell they pass laws opening up the net to more SPAM.

Be aware, be well informed and stay alert to what is happening right in front of you, right under your nose, on what is taking place on the net.
Cavat Emptor 24.Feb.2004 23:34


Read your service contract! Your Internet Service Provider never made any guarantees to you about protecting the integrety of your personal computer software. Cavet Emptor. The Internet is a hostile environment. When you understand the Internet from the view point of professional Information Technology specialists, then you can understand why they snicker behind the backs of users who complain about such things. The Internet was developed in the 1950s and 1960s to interconnect university, coorporate, and defense computers through a system of dedicated phone lines. Security was never considered to be an issue - largely because the systems interconnected were main frames running Unix, which already had high security built in.

The common banter among IT professionals applies. If you don't like having your computer commandeered to perform denial of service attacks on others, then buy/use a MacIntosh running OS X. Yes, Windows XP has a built-in firewall and, yes, XP can be configured to prevent being taken over by a remote host, but you'er going to have to educate yourself. I suggest starting by reading the wonderful material on Steve Gibson's web site - www.grc.com.

self denial of service attack? 25.Feb.2004 00:11

hey hey hey, i am fat anthony

"Your internet provider doesn't give a damn if you get DOS attacked or someone takes over your personal computer."

Well, perhaps you should switch to a dialup account, then if somebody performs a denial of service attack on you, you could just hang up and redial. Another thing you could do is set your firewall up correctly. I know windows users often unknowningly run a gazillion services, none of which need to be turned on.

"you have to go through level3.net to check on your bank account"

No, actually you do not. I was down at my bank earlier today and checked my balance. I did not have to go through level3.net. There's a reason utility companies don't control nuclear reactors and damns over the internet.

"If you got hacked while doing business with your bank they won't help either, since you have to go through level3.net----the Biggest BACK DOOR you'll ever run into!"

Could you elaborate on your definition of "back door"? For example, explain exactly how it's used. If it's truly a "big back door", I'm sure level3.net would close it in a jiffy. If not, then you're not truly familiar with the vernacular in which the term, "back door", is used. Also, what exactly would someone do if the used a back door in level3.net to hack into your computer while you did business with you bank? I don't get it.

I read your earlier 'open letter' about "SMB_over/ip" scans, as you put it. I take it you are refering to Samba in some way (hard to tell though). There's nothing inherently evil about Samba or the Server Message Block protocol. It's not spoofing software like you infered in your 'letter'. It's a communication protocol used for file sharing, printer sharing, communication between serial ports, ect. Perhaps you have 'file sharing' turned on. If so, it is possible to scan for open netbios sessions and get into peoples computers who arn't knowledgable enough to turn file sharing off a samba client. But that would be your responsibility to know, not anyone elses.

Anyway, are you sure you aren't just using Microsoft Windows XP and your OS is just performing a 'self denial of service attack'?

Get a clue 25.Feb.2004 09:49


There are many free anti-virus, firewalls, anti-spyware, programs that are just waiting to be downloaded by people like you. Quit whinning and protect yourself.