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Anti-Semitism Becomes Global Plague

Though counter-intiutive, at times we are too close to events to fully appreciate their dimension and meaning. Such is the case today as we face a dramatic resurgence of global anti-Semitism
From the vocal to the violent, Jew-hatred of the past confronts us today with new energy, new advocates and, unfortunately, new accepting audiences. It is variously packaged for the masses, minorities and the misfits.

Take the antiglobalism movement. One finds anti-Semitic threads woven into its tapestry of ideas, with global currencies and markets portrayed as oppressive expressions of ''international Jewish control.''

In a lead article on antiglobalism, the current issue of the Carnegie Endowment's prestigious Foreign Policymagazine reports a 12-year high in the number of attacks on European Jews, noting that ''Not since Kristallnacht, the Nazi-led pogrom against German Jews in 1938, have so many European synagogues and Jewish schools been desecrated.''

The problem has finally caught the attention of the countries which make up the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). In December, OSCE ministers from 55 member states agreed to hold a conference on anti-Semitism in Berlin in April 2004.

Nor is this ''new anti-Semitism'' exclusively a European phenomenon.

* Mahathir Mohammad, Prime Minister of Malaysia, at the 10th Islamic Summit Conference said: ''The Europeans killed 6 million Jews out of 12 million. But today the Jews rule this world by proxy -- 1.3 billion Muslims cannot be defeated by a few million Jews.'' He got an enthusiastic ovation from the leaders of more than 50 nations, in response to his call for a holy war against Jews.

* Two synagogues in Istanbul were recently attacked with powerful and lethal terrorist bombs.

* In Florida on December 21, a new Muslim learning center south of Orlando held its inaugural event, with invited speakers including Shaikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, who was quoted in newspapers in April 2002 as calling Jews ''the scum of humanity, the rats of the world, the killers of prophets and the grandsons of monkeys and pigs.'' After a public outcry, his invitation was withdrawn.

* In Terre Haute, Indiana, a Holocaust Museum dedicated to the children who were experimented on by in the infamous Dr. Mengele was burned to the ground.

* In New York City there has been a serious increase in anti-Semitic incidents involving vandalizing of Jewish property -- 32 cases last month alone.

The history of mankind is replete with examples where words and perverse ideas have moved people to action. Anti-Semitism is a prototypical example. From discriminatory exclusion of Jews through the centuries, to the culminating horror of the Holocaust's industrialization of murder, the Jewish community has learned the lessons of history the hard way.

Anti-Semitism's themes are old, but its delivery technologies are as modern as the Internet and satellite communication. It finds receptive audiences among both the ignorant and the educated. Its purveyors are extremist bigots of both the political right and the political left. Today's engines of anti-Jewish bigotry include both organizations and nation-states, with all of the latter's financial and political muscle.

They say that those who don't know history are destined to repeat it. Perhaps. But there are also those, perversely, who do know history and want to repeat it.

Some 60 years ago, Jews and other minorities were dispatched to camps in Europe and killed by the millions in an environment saturated with anti-Semitism. With the history of the 20th century as a guide, who could have predicted that early in the 21st century the 1 million Jews in who live in Britain, France, Germany, Belgium and Denmark would again feel under siege, with attacks on Jewish students, rabbis, Jewish institutions and Jewish owned-property?

Some European leaders blame anti-Israel sentiment among radicalized elements in their rapidly growing Muslim populations. They are partially correct. Also true is that the violence has occurred in an environment where governments and leaders have failed condemn anti-Semitic violence, or have at best been slow or tepid in their response. The message to Europe's burgeoning immigrant population is that there is a certain level of acceptance of such intolerance.

Historians note one way of determining the health of a nation's democracy is by examining the condition of its Jewish community. Doing so today we can see that democracy and the ideal of tolerance, one of its core expressions, are under assault in much of the world. To ignore this situation compounds a dangerous problem.

What does history teach? No matter the perpetrator or the victim, good people must not turn away nor shrink from the fight against bigotry. This is no time for bystanders. Not now, not ever.


Not surprising 25.Feb.2004 00:03

Lars the Infidel

And don't forget that some of the worst enablers of anti-Semitism today are Zionists. These are the people who relentlessly steal Palestinian lands and want more, these are the people who oppress and publically intimidate Palestinians on a daily basis, these are the people who cause the iron-fisted military occupation of a society in its own land, in their own homes.

Yes, remember the Jews who have been victimized and murdered. And also remember the millions of others who have been persecuted around the world: the Armenians, the Kurds, the Mayans, the Tibetans, and so many more. No one people have an exclusive or special claim to victimization. Not even the Jews.

Yeah, go ahead and call me anti-Semitic. But just remember that Zionists give real anti-Semites that much more ammunition to justify their actions. So many people hate and act against Americans today not because they simply hate Americans. They hate the US because of the crimes against humanity our government has foisted on the world, particularly since 1945. So many people around the world likewise hate Jews not because of their religion but because people in their name, Zionists, have committed crimes against humanity, particularly since 1948.

We all need to look more inside ourselves and our actions to fully realize and understand the seething resentment, hate amd fear of one group of people towards another. This isn't rocket science, folks.

No one gets a special victimization free pass card in this world. No one.

at least you're not an arab or muslim, Arthur 25.Feb.2004 00:05


Although there are isolated anti-semitic events, anti-arab and anti-muslim violence is far, far worse than modern-day anti-semitism. The racist propaganda spewed by corporate media has the effect of demonising anyone arabic or muslim, not unlike the anti-japanese hysteria of WWII.

The ADL has a tradition of hysterically accusing everyone in sight as "anti-semitic" whenever Israel's fascist and murderous actions inspire yet more well-deserved criticism of their racist theocracy.

Israel's actions have the effect of inspiring anti-semitism, which has the effect of bringing more jews to Israel, out of necessity for personal safety. This has been openly-stated Zionist policy for Israel since BEFORE its inception. Don't take my word for it - go read about it in one of the sites of Jews who strongly oppose Zionism;



"The entire existence of the tumei regime [the Zionist "State"] is in opposition to our holy Torah in a manner that has not been precedent... and anyone who possesses even a thought that there is necessity for [the existence of] their "State", this constitutes acquiescence to idol worship without a doubt... and there is no doubt in my mind that we would already be in the period after the Messiah's arrival if not for this tzureh [Zionism] prevalent in the world."
-- Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum

(Is the Grand Rabbi any relation to you, Arthur?)

"The Zionists have attacked the center point of Judaism."
-- Rabbi V. Soloveichik

Unfortunately, the worst cases of 25.Feb.2004 00:47


sanctioned violence against arabs happens in arab countries, where civil rights mean nothing. Glad I don't live there.

And hey, if I post an article about the violence done to blacks in america, are you going to follow that up with your anger about how those very blacks beat their kids and kick their dogs in high numbers? Anti-semitism isn't justified by Israel, anymore than castrating all men is justified by the fact that many men rape many women, and have done so throughout history.

whoa , stfu 25.Feb.2004 03:51


you can take that " kick their dogs in high numbers" bullshit and shove it up your racist ass, next to the mcdonalds nugget you shoved in there while listening to rush limbaugh.

Actually you are wrong, l 25.Feb.2004 07:48


Right now the worst and most numerous cases of sanctioned violence against arabs is in ISRAEL. The Palestinians are systematically "encouraged to leave their country" as the openly-stated policy of "transfer".

Of course, with Israel obviously acting as the oppressor, it serves the purpose of inspiring all the mouth-breathing racist neo-nazis around the world. It gives wings to their hateful anti-Jew rhetoric, and organized attacks against Jews worldwide go up. This is a PLANNED result of Israel's actions. The plan is to entice jews worldwide to become Zionists and move to Israel so that they may defend themselves against the non-Jews, which then seem to all be anti-Jew. The problem with this is that contrary to how things are portrayed, Israel is the LEAST safe place for Jews anywhere in the world.

Your insane comment forgets the fact that African-Americans claim no state outside of the US as representative of their future. Black people in general have little power here in the US. This is an entirely different situation. They do not actively espouse organized programs which are cynically designed to enhance anti-black racism all around the world in order to force black people to huddle together somewhere far away for their own safety.

You act as if Zionists are entirely blameless, but they are not. They have intentionally enhanced anti-semitism, then carefully research and publicize the anti-semitism they have created. Guess what; ALL creeds and ethnicities have responsibility for actions of their representatives. It's why US citizens are fed up with Bush, who is demonizing the US citizens in the eyes of the world.

Anti-semitism is obviously not justified by Israel (neo-nazis erroneously lump judaism in with zionism, just like the zionists do) but it certainly can be expected when Israel oppresses all non-Jews who find themselves within the borders.

The History of Zionism;

What every American should know about Israel;

not a democracy at all; Israel the Jew-only theocracy. non-Jews are denied true citizenship; 2 seperate classes of citizens;

Could this global plague be caused by self righteous ideology of people. 25.Feb.2004 14:55

Bird dog

If society can't learn from the past?
What can be expected.

Mahathir Mohamed never called for a Holy War 25.Feb.2004 22:15


That is such a blatant lie repeated over and over.

There is anti-Semitism in this world, so why make something up to prove your point?

Mahathir has never been a religious leader. He has always been a very pragmatic modernist. He has throughout his long leadership battled to keep control over fanatic Muslims in his country.

In his speech he was asking Muslims across the world to get off their asses and do something useful and successful, in essence to be more like the Jews.

The ADL is a fascist organization that spies on Americans. 26.Feb.2004 05:44


The ADL works hand-in-hand with the FBI to spy on American dissidents. Anything published on the ADL's website should be ignored.


The ADL has no credibility.