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Rumsfeld explains the "situation" in Haiti

Donald Rumsfeld tells the truth, once again. All we need to do is listen.
During the current violence, the U.S. position has fluctuated from day to day, and from official to official. Donald Rumsfeld, quoted on PBS News Hour February 16, gave perhaps the most accurate view of the currently unclear U.S. position: "Needless to say, everyone is hopeful that the situation, which tends to ebb and flow down there, will stay below a certain threshold, and that there's-we have no plans to do anything. By that, I don't mean we have no plans. Obviously, we have plans to do everything in the world that we can think of. But we-there's no intention at the present time, or no reason to believe, that any of the thinking that goes into these things year in and year out would have to be utilized."

Mary Turck ( mturck@americas.org) is the editor of Connection to the Americas, a publication of the Resource Center of the Americas.