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German Communist Revolutionaries: Turn around the rifle!

Executive Committee of the CPGer/ML
Dirty War in Irak

Turn around the rifle!

Once again the capitalists have started a war, because they have hard times. With such stupid and transparent phrases and puppets as enemies they gathered the soldiers from the people behind their flag. Not a single Iraki soldier has ever fired a shot in this country or in the USA. The capitalists are only driven by greed to profit to this war. They want to rob the oilsources and the oil must be a gift to them. This is only possible, if they extinct the Arabs. The Yankee-fascists have great skill in extincting the Indian natives. Hitler did not succeed in stamping out the Slavic people as he intended. At Stalingrad the imperialists did experience that the oil-robbery at the Caspian Sea did not succeed. But they never abandoned their plans. Nowadays they rob the oil, feeding some nomenklatura there, but the people remains hungry.

The same intentions with Irak. But the Federal Republic with Schröder is not generally against this dirty war, socalled „Alliance Obligations" with those criminal cowboys make them to accomplice, because they think, if they do well, they would get something from the table. And the soldier, who is sticking his head into the mess at the front, whom is told about his superiority? We must not forget those GI`s, who are affected by Agent Orange in Vietnam or are affected by DU at Desert Storm at the last Gulf War, meanwhile they are nobodies. That new Hitler Bush slaps the soldiers on the back, but that is all. Either the Bundeswehr or US-Army in Arabia, we call to the soldiers:

„Turn around the rifles!"

, if those officers drive you forward. It has nothing to do with soldiers-honour, but is a dirty war of capitalists for their greed of profits. You shall notice, that one lie after the other shall break down, the longer war shall last. Just ask those GI`s and Vets of Vietnam war, what they heve experienced. Aks those soldiers of the Hitler Wehrmacht, what they think about Hitler. The result of WW 1 was the workers and soldiers republic. The result of WW 2 was the formerly socialist GDR at least in it`s first years. That is a logic of the war of the capitalists. It shall happen again with the peasants to secure food, unite with the workers to keep weapons on high standard, because capital shall never abandon power just for fun.

Executive Committee of the CPGer/ML

3 / 21/ 2003


Is this the Beginning of the World Revolution?

Revolutionary Soldiers of all Countries - unite in the Communist International/ Marxist-Leninists!

Hand Grenades into the Hands of the People !

Down with the imperialist War in the Irak!

Hand Grenade in an War-Thieves`Den in the center of the US - Headquarter Kuwait! Take an example from it! Throw the next hand grenades straight into the center of Bush`s and Blair`s Headquarters!

Comrades, hand over some more hand grenades to the people and - united with their liberation - struggle - send them packing - these American „Worldorder" and „British Empire"! Now and forever - when else?!

Should this brave hero, who threw the freedom-hand-grenade, be buried alive in Guantanamo? Should his family suffer? Never! Organize worldwide solidarity! Comrades! Set him free from the military prison and release all the other revolutionary fellow-soldiers and war-prisoners and war-refusenics all over the world. First of all hurry up to the Refusenics in Israel`s Zionist military prisons and set them free! Our solidarity can never be a solidarity whatever you like: the only solidarity that would help are your rifles and hand grenades! No single revolutionary soldier was ever released by lips or paper-sheets!

Either in the NATO-Armies or in any other imperialist Army the situation is brewing explosively. The soldiers smell the stinking decay since certain time. The soldiers are fed up with the criminal war-adventures for the multi-millionaires. More and more soldiers refuse such orders to take into operation, killing peoples for profit. Everybody condemns the unjust, hereditary, misanthrophic staging of the World`s „Super-Army" in the Irak. Every honest soldier is boiling with rage and the peoples have neither fear nor respect anymore concerning this US-British-Army.

It is not Bush, it is not Blair, not any other government within the UNO, and not any peace-angle, who finishes the war,

but only your turned revolutionary rifles!

Not the Senat who concedes some more 70 Mrds of Dollars of war-credits squeezed out of the people can defend democracy,

but only your turned revolutionary rifles!

The imperialist war changes to a liberation-war, to the civil war,

only by your turned revolutionary rifles!

To abolish the inevitability of imperialist wars,

turn around your revolutionary rifles!

For Bread! Peace! Freedom! Instead of starvation to death, destruction and enslavement

turn around your revolutionary rifles!

Refuse to carry out their orders to drop bombs and kill fathers, mothers an children - they are not unlike your own! Don`t aim at freedom-fighters! The peoples don`t fight for the profit of the riches, but for the liberation from slavery and exploitation! Revolutionary Soldiers, you have the weapons! Hand them over to the workers and peasants! They struggle shoulder to shoulder with you against your same enemy!

Arabian peoples don`t hezitate any longer. Don`t listen to the Arabian League! They are traitors of the Arabian liberation struggle and accomplices of the aggressors. All these Sheiks, Abdallahs, Mubaraks and all the other accomplices, they cross their arms. However you, the people have to help your brothers and sisters in Irak and to hinder the genocide! Remember David and Goliath! If the Arabs will, each tank stands still!

And in the metropolis` ?? If the worker will, the movement of supplies stands still !!

Workers of the oppressing nations! Peoples of the oppressed nations! UNITE ! Your struggle of social and national liberation is a united, common struggle of victory! And it begins in the Irak, wherelse! Put your common destiny in your own hands and not into the hands of traitors and hypocrites! Pull the peace-mask of the UNO to pieces! Finally, the UNO unmasked itself as that, what it always was: An instrument of worldcapitalism with the US-imperialism at the top, to exploit and enslave the workers and peoples of the world! UNO sneaks away with big words of peace on the lips and hide cowardly to give the US-British Armies free field of fire. They were compliant puppets on the string of the imperialist war in the Irak!

The Revisionists and Socialimperialists deceive to be friends of the workers and the peoples, friends of peace and socialism, but in reality they are part of the imperialist front supporting imperialist war! With peace lip-services they try to hinder the camp of the revolutionary anti-imperialists making worldrevolution!

Don`t believe in the imperialist war-correspondence. They make noice so that the American and the British people and the people of the IRAK and the rest of the world cannot hear their common call for peace and to hinder us to see how peoples clench their fists in peace and how the peoples unite to shake off their yoke!

Revolutionary soldiers! Revolutionary workers! Revolutionary peasants! Unite all over the world! Unite in the Irak! Establish international revolutionary brigades! Struggle with the weapons in your hand for the liberation of the people in Irak - against the outer as well as the inner enemies! Help to liberate one Arabian country after another from exploitation and oppression by Israel, America or all the other occupiers who have no business in the Near and Middle East! All occupation powers have immediately to leave all the Arabian countries!

Elections for revolutionary soldier-soviets, workers`s soviets and peasant soviets! Unite in the

Communist International / Marxist - Leninists


25. 3. 2003


Worldrevolutionary salutations on the occasion of the Red Mayday 2003

to all of you, comrades - Marxists-Leninists all over the world!

Proletarians of all countries, unite in the struggle for socialist revolution !

Long live the Red Mayday 2003 - the day of struggle of the

International Working Class !

It is the revolutionary struggle of proletarians of all countries against US

imperialism which is the focal point of this year's Mayday. Comintern/ML

calls on all workers all over the world to show revolutionary solidarity with

the oppressed peoples , especially with those of the Arab countries.

The blood bath in Iraq demonstrates that international solidarity with the

Iraqi people, with the people of Palestine and with all the other exploi-

ted and suppressed peoples of the Near and Middle East must not be

limited to Mayday rallies. Why?

Because the imperialist forces of occupation can only be driven out of

Iraq and the whole of the Near and Middle East if we, the workers in the

imperialist countries, agree on foiling each transport of weapons into the

Arab world. It is, above, all necessary to cut off the supply routes from the

military bases of international counter-revolution. Supplies to the israeli

chain dogs of world imperialism must come to an end to prevent further

bloodshed among the Arabs.

Instead of passive protests - revolutionary action !

The main target of our struggle must be American imperialism, but it

should also be extended to the other imperialists, who all have Arab blood

on their hands, the United Nations not excluded. The struggle must be tar-

geted against the governments of ALL imperialist countries, which exploit

and suppress the Arab peoples and also against the international imperia-

list organisations and their troops, which are nothing but henchmen of the

world bourgeoisie, led by the US bourgeoisie.

Each imperialist war leads to a further dramatic deterioration of the social

standards of the working people. Intensified economic exploitation is ac-

companied by an intensification of political repression. The world bour-

geoisie will not hesitate to turn to fascism on an international scale if it is

necessary to nip in the bud the revolutionary liberation struggle and the

proletarian revolution. This must not happen !

The workers of the imperialist countries must unite with the suppressed

peoples to form a militant anti-imperialist front with the aim of rising united-

ly against world imperialism and to crush it one day.

Capitalism breeds war. We can only combat it successfully by overthrowing

the warmongering bourgeois class rule. Only revolution can triumph over

imperialism and war. Neutrality and pacifism must be overcome. Draw

the sword of world revolution ! Above the heads of the plundering govern-

ments we the workers extend our hands to the workers of all downtrodden

peoples. We say loudly and clearly:

* Take part in the Red Mayday !

* Answer the growing exploitation and suppression by turning to socialist revolution !

* War against the imperialist war ! Imperialist occupying forces out of Iraq, out of the Near and Middle East!

* Set up anti-imperialist combat units in all countries of

of the world and organise coordinated actions against

supply routes ! Close down all military bases and send

the occupying forces of the US imperialists and their la-

ckeys and henchmen home in all parts of the world !

Ami go home !

* Storm the strongholds in the imperialist capitals !

* Down with US imperialism !

* Down with the world bourgeoisie !

* Long live international solidarity !

* Long live the popular revolutionary liberation struggle !

* Long live proletarian world revolution !

* Long live the Communist International/ Marxists-Leninists !

homepage: homepage: http://www.geocities.com/iraqiresistancesolidarity/TurnAroundtheRifle.html

peaceful military walk out 24.Feb.2004 20:24

resist the capitalist warmongers

what chance do people have when on the ground shooting up at planes armed with biological/nuclear weaponry?

If the soldiers want their freedom they should walk away peacefully all together. Have indy media there to record the event..

the current system of oppression will most likely not fall with violence on the part of the worker/soldier. the weapons that could be used agaisnt soldiers from a distance are too powerful, but a peaceful walkout of a large section of the soldiers would be newsworthy. Peaceful resistance by soldiers shows the real character of the young men/women coerced there by a capitalist system that uses television propaganda and false promises to get 18 year olds on a ship to the Persian Gulf ready to kill some Iraqi kid..

..for George Bush, Cheney, Halliburton and Exxonmobil's precious Iraqi oil..

War benefits the ruling capitalist elite, never the worker or the soldier, war makes you work harder and get sicker..

Soldiers in Iraq, please put down your guns together and return home to your loved ones.

fragging ended the Vietnam War 24.Feb.2004 23:47


No one knows how many officers were fragged, but after Tet it became epidemic. At least 800 to 1,000 fragging attempts using explosive devices were made. The army reported 126 fraggings in 1969, 271 in 1970 and 333 in 1971, when they stopped keeping count. But in that year, just in the American Division (of My Lai fame), one fragging per week took place. Some military estimates are that fraggings occurred at five times the official rate, while officers of the Judge Advocate General Corps believed that only 10 percent of fraggings were reported. These figures do not include officers who were shot in the back by their men and listed as wounded or killed in action.

Most fraggings resulted in injuries, although "word of the deaths of officers will bring cheers at troop movies or in bivouacs of certain units." The army admitted that it could not account for how 1,400 officers and noncommissioned officers died. This number, plus the official list of fragging deaths, has been accepted as the unacknowledged army estimate for officers killed by their men. It suggests that 20 to 25 percent -- if not more -- of all officers killed during the war were killed by enlisted men, not the "enemy." This figure has no precedent in the history of war.

THE MOST neglected aspect of the Vietnam War is the soldiers' revolt -- the mass upheaval from below that unraveled the American army. It is a great reality check in an era when the U.S. touts itself as an invincible nation. For this reason, the soldiers' revolt has been written out of official history. Yet it was a crucial part of the massive antiwar movement whose activity helped the Vietnamese people in their struggle to free Vietnam -- described once by President Johnson as a "raggedy-ass little fourth-rate country" -- from U.S. domination. The legacy of the soldiers' revolt and the U.S. defeat in Vietnam -- despite more recent U.S. victories over Iraq, Afghanistan and Serbia -- casts a pall on the Pentagon. They still fear the political backlash that might come if U.S. ground forces sustain heavy casualties in a future war.

The army revolt was a class struggle that pitted working-class soldiers against officers who viewed them as expendable. The fashionable attempt to revise Vietnam War history, to airbrush its horrors, to create a climate supportive of future military interventions, cannot acknowledge that American soldiers violently opposed that war, or that American capitalism casually tolerated the massacre of working-class troops. Liberal academics have added to the historical distortion by reducing the radicalism of the 1960s to middle-class concerns and activities, while ignoring working-class rebellion. But the militancy of the 1960s began with the Black working class as the motor force of the Black liberation struggle, and it reached its climax with the unity of white and Black working-class soldiers whose upsurge shook U.S. imperialism.

In Vietnam, the rebellion did not take the same form as the mass stateside GI antiwar movement, which consisted of protests, marches, demonstrations and underground newspapers. In Vietnam, the aim of the soldiers was more modest, but also more subversive: survival, to "CYA" (cover your ass), to protect "the only body you have" by fighting the military's attempt to continue the war. The survival conflict became a war within the war that ripped the armed forces apart. In 1965, the Green Machine was the best army the U.S. ever put into the field; a few years later, it was useless as a fighting force.

"Survival politics," as it was then called, expressed itself through the destruction of the search-and-destroy strategy, through mutinies, through the killing of officers, and through fraternization and making peace from below with the National Liberation Front (NLF). It was highly effective in destroying everything that military hierarchy and discipline stand for. It was the proudest moment in the U.S. army's history.

Like most of the revolutionary traditions of the American working class, the soldiers' revolt has been hidden from history.


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