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On Bush's Proposed Marriage Amendment

Bushco's marriage ammendment proposal would CLEARLY violate the Constitutional rights of at least one group, without question.
Even for those who swallow all of Bushco's arguements in support of a constitutional ban on gay marriages, there is one issue that they have failed to address- How about hermaphrodites? Would they be Constitutionally banned from marriage because of the way they were born? Would they have to choose? Will there be hermaphrodite related language in our Constitution?
and what about the democrats? 24.Feb.2004 22:02

ex-democrat voter

Now that their leaders have spoken in favor of the amendment, will they keep telling everyone that Kerry and/or Edwards represents a change?

"You see (insert Kerry or Edwards here) is a progressive because despite opposing gay marriages and supporting a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union between a man and a woman, they would not place a ban on civil unions."

I wonder if all the Nader-blamers heads are going to explode through the sheer force of cognitive dissonance.

origin of marriage concept specs 24.Feb.2004 23:03


It seems like the concept of marriage as it's popularly known, requiring a male and a female as the partners, is a concept arising from biblical origins. That given, seems like the constitutional provision for separation of church and state would cancel any consideration of an amendment prohibiting same sex marriages, or marriages consisting of any other combinations for that matter.