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Fat Phobia 201 - PCC Cascade

Queen Size Revolution (QSR) will facilitate a workshop and small group break-outs to address the issue of fat phobia and fat oppression.
The Women's Resource Center presents:
Wednesday, February 25th
6:30pm-8:30pm - FREE

Fat Phobia 201
Activists. Shilo George and Chelsea Lincoln of Queen Size Revolution (QSR) will facilitate a workshop and small group break-outs to address the issue of fat phobia and fat oppression. Participants will closely examine how fat phobia and oppression are perpetrated, and how it relates to sexism, racism, and other forms of oppression.

Queen Size Revolution is an organization that seeks to empower the community concerning issues of fat-phobia. Through the use of workshops, activism, zines, support and other forms of communication QSR reaches out to the community to educate about the dangers of fat-phobia and fat oppression.

PCC Cascade - Cafeteria
705 N Killingsworth

If you need special assistance, accommodations, or an interpreter, please call the Portland Community College Office of Students with Disabilities at 503-977-4341 or 503-246-4072 (TTY) or email:  tbigelow@pcc.edu (Please remember to give us advance notice.)

Call: 503-978-5249 for more info.

phone: phone: 503-978-5249
address: address: 705 N Killingsworth

Obesity is a curable disease 24.Feb.2004 20:05

Red Suspenders

Bull Shit.

I have a dear friend who is unlikely to live another ten years becuase of his weight problem. He tends to eat large quantites of poor quality food, and drives everywhere to avoid walking.
If people would recognize Morbid obesity as a cureable disease instead of a personal characteristic or permenant flaw to be treated as a disability a lot more seriously overweight people could get the counseling and support they need to get healthy. Anyways, severe obesity drives up the health care costs for everyone, Plus people that fat are a burden in other ways- breaking furniture and hogging three seats on a crowded bus. (Not to mention the odor)

Theres a huge difference between healthy people with a little extra insulation and those who are fat to the point where they can be considered permenantly sick and injured. These folks deserve medical, and psycological care for their sickness, not to mention some physical fitness training. Instead they get labled as disabled victims the rest of the world has to make accomodations for.

A liquor store or seven eleven can lose thier license and go out of business for selling beer to visbly intoxicated people. Why dont we have a similar rule for fast food places with respect to folks literally eating themselves to death.

Health food tax 24.Feb.2004 20:53


You are right Red. I had a neighbor lady that was obese that developed diabetes. Her feet were purple and bloated so she never wore shoes. She had to live on an oxygen tank. Soon one of her feet had to be amputated and then she died at 60 years old. She probably cost the taxpayer tens of thousands for her treatments.
I propose that the USA or Oregon impose a tax on junkfood which is the real culprit. That means taxing McD's food too! I just heard today that the average CHILD meal at fast food places is 1000 calories! And most of that bad type fat. Tax on cookies, candy, ice cream, processed snacks foods and crackers etc is the only way the US is going to dig itself out of the looming health diabetes, heart disease crisis that will deprive us ALL of affordable health insurance. This junk food tax could be used of for a national health care system. I dont see any other way out of the coming crisis.

Fat grrl Speaks 25.Feb.2004 01:03


Anything abused is dangerous. Folks who spend all day watching TV kill their imagination. Folks who smoke pot constantly waste money and brain cells. Eating yourself into unhealthy conditions is self-destructive. But Red Suspenders comment "(Not to mention the odor)" is just hateful and insulting. Never would a racist or sexist comment be allowed here, so why is fat hatred, specifically the hatred of peoples bodies still acceptable behavior? I know there is a need to speak openly about this. I am a fat woman of color and I can tell you that growing up fat was more terrifying and traumatic than growing up a womyn and Chicana. Only because those who sexually assaulted me were punished, those who made racist comments where "corrected" but every day I was derided and humiliated because of my lovely fat ass; and no one came to this little grrls defense. I could not go a day without being reminded that my body was disgusting and shameful. No one would dare make a joke about "beaners" or "wet-backs", but fat grrl jokes were thrown around like a tether ball! It's taken years of healing to even be comfortable naked with my lovers, or to even realize that people could love my curvy fat rolls and lumps! I ride my bike and walk my dog several miles every day, eat healthy and I'm FAT FAT FAT! Its how I've always been and probably always will be. I realize that if I labored to find and sustain my food source that I would weight less, but not by much. I hope we return to that way of life while I'm still here but until then all you hating waifs can kiss my fat ass! Don't judge others, and think about how painful it is to be told you are ugly and disgusting. Think about why it's okay to make fat jokes when "nigger" and "bitch" are untouchable.

Actually Cecil 25.Feb.2004 09:28

saw that too

The news report on kids meals was actually about kids meals at sit down restaurants. They found that these meals are as bad and sometimes worse than a kid's meal at a fast food restaurant. Good to know though because I'm sure some parents thought they were better off going to the "nicer" restaurant.

Ridicule vs. healthy peer influence 25.Feb.2004 10:42


It's never okay to ridicule or physically assault someone else for ANY reason. And anyone who experienced this as a child knows it can leave scars. But children are ridiculed for many reasons and mostly a child who intends to bully will find any handle with which to assert their bullying. Therefore, whether one is fat or wears glasses or is an effeminate male or is too thin or too tall or too short or is of a different race the bullies will find an opening.

I spent a great many days in my youth being chased, getting into fights, suffering ridicule and I'm a Joe Average white guy who was funny, smart, and good at sports. Also, I was convincingly heterosexual and middle class. Tall and lean. If anyone should have been safe from ridicule or bullying, I guess it would have been me. But the other side of the coin is that blacks and often overweight kids would come looking for me! I don't blame a particular race or overweight people for a shitty time at school, because I know they were just ornery people who were probably catching the same shit they were dishing out elsewhere.

But I have to take exception to the idea that society is somehow aligned against the obese. On the contrary, I often see ads for fast food restaurants where the people eating the food are clearly overweight, if not obese. So, the ad agencies are moving in some way away from the fit and beautiful and often portray Americans just as they are... in terrible shape.

And really, that's what we're talking about when we talk about the obese. Obesity is unhealthy and should not be encouraged or glossed over. It's one thing for an adult to place themselves in a zone of distortion to justify their ill health, but this truly becomes evil when parents spend more time comforting an obese child rather than feeding them fewer calories, better quality food, and participating in aerobic exercise WITH them.

But let me stress one more time, ridicule is NOT okay. Kids or adults should not be ridiculed into fitness, but society and individuals need to find a way to gently, but firmly send the message that obesity is not okay from a health perspective, but that obese people should in no way be demeaned. Now... if an obese person finds the zealous exhortations of Jack LaLane to be "oppressive" or they find fitness programs at schools which encourage aerobic exercise to be "coercive" I don't know what to tell these people.

Sure, it's okay to be any way that you are comfortable with and no one should attack you for that, but obesity is a very bad thing healthwise and further it IS unattractive to many. I don't think lobbying or handing out fliers or something is going to make people change their perception. It's not a conspiracy and no, not everything is media brainwashing. That's cart before horse. Advertisers appeal to base desires and men and women have long been attracted to a particular form and this is not something the ad agencies invented.

Finally, if an adult was ridiculed as a child for being overweight, you can take some comfort in knowing that America is a very different country for overweight kids these days than 10 or 20 years ago. VERY different. These days, the fit kids are in the minority. If anything, kids growing up today will be relating anecdotes about ridicule from their obese classmates who now form the "norm."

What I meant to say was... 25.Feb.2004 10:59


Encouraging kids to be fit: good.

Ridiculing people who are overweight: bad.

Everyone Should take This PCC Class 25.Feb.2004 18:07

psu organizer

Thanks Fat Grrl for your courage to be out there. I have been to a workshop by these PCC instructors and it ROCKED.

And about the whole taxing fast food thing:
Um, that would hurt the people who are so strapped for cash that 83 cents for a taco at Tacobell sounds good. It would NOT hurt the nasty-ass corporations peddling bad food.

THINK PEOPLE. Stop trying to suggest policies aimed at criminalizing poor people. for crying out loud.

And also: Fatness does not equal fast food consumption. Use your brain, don't believe the hype.

get real! 25.Feb.2004 18:55


Folks, there are a whole lot of reasons why people are overweight, fat, obese, etc. and they're not all controllable or a matter of lack of will. Please study this before you go dropping your almighty judgements on people. Also check out how much you've been brainwashed by the current culture-it's pretty easy to check: find some 20, 30 or 40 year old photos of famous or regular people and see how many of them would be considered fat. I hope I live long enough to see the metabolism bomb get dropped on all the snotty coffee drinkers and other chemically hyper individuals. Age WILL change you.

Thanks 25.Feb.2004 20:48

Love some fat gals

Fat gals taking a stand is hot. I would love to go to your class. Strong fat women deserve respect in this crass world of skiny ass white boys afraid that health care prices might go up. L:ove you.

Wrong 26.Feb.2004 00:58


>> Folks, there are a whole lot of reasons why people are overweight, fat, obese, etc.


There is only one reason.

People become overweight when they consume more calories than they expend.

That's it.

No object, living or otherwise, is immune to the laws of thermodynamics.

If someone is overweight, it is because:

1) They consume too much calories
2) They do not burn enough calories

End of story.

Genetics do not trump that. Eh-ver. Poverty does not guarantee obesity and neither does wealth. Race, gender? No. Anyone with feet or ANY means of producing kinetic energy consumption will lose weight if the energy burned exceeds calories consumed.

Every time.





>> and they're not all controllable or a matter of lack of wil.

Anyone who is overweight is overweight by choice.

I know that doesn't fly too well in our victim culture, but that's a fact, jack.

The only exception would be the very young (who are subject to the dysfunction of their parents... "eat all of your cheese sticks and sloppy joes! It's what I ate when I was a kid and look at me, I turned out okay."), the mentally ill, or the infirm.

Everyone else possesses a hand and a mouth. And an ATM card with which to purchase groceries. Further, they possess feet or hands or some muscle tissue which may, even in minute amounts, consume stored energy (fat).

Obesity is not healthy. Ever. If someone wants to be obese, that is their choice. But attempting to define obesity as healthy or fit is exactly the same game that the Bush constituents play when they try to distort the results on global warming or origin of species to suit their agenda. If someone wishes to smoke two packs a day, that is their right as a free individual, but any attempt to portray that as healthy ought to be met with disdain and outright opposition.

And comparing disdain for obesity to racism is a sad joke. Last time I checked white people don't progressively become black as they lounge on the couch watching "Everwood" with a cheese hoagie. And gay people are born gay. They don't become gay by driving to Burgerville.

The whole "fat positive" effort sort of repulses me, mostly because the majority of the third world consumes about as many calories in a day as many Americans consume at the Krispy Kreme drive-thru. And those who lament the prevalence of SUVs might want to take note that many of the people who are riding in them are of massive girth and as they get larger they require more petroleum to move them from Olive Garden to Olive Garden.

This is not unconnected.

How can one commit to "living simply so that others may simply live" when they carry and maintain by their inactivity almost the full body weight of a full grown third world human being around their waist?

Is this harsh?

Damn well better believe it is.

Finally, how much time is spent at these meetings? One hour? Two? Thirty minutes getting there? Thirty minutes going home? I mean if HALF (or even a quarter) of that time was spent doing hard aerobic exercise (not walking the dog which last time I checked involved stopping every ten feet so the dog may sniff some other canine's dooky-hole) once a day the problem would go away.

As if by magic!

Once again, thanks to the miracle of science and the glorious immutable laws of thermodynamics which have governed the known universe since the very beginning.