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An open letter to LEVEL3.NET

This is an open letter to LEVEL3.NET and those who use LEVEL3.net to attack personal computers. You are the most repulsive network around!

The use of this spoofing software: SMB_over\ip
To whom it may concern;

You claim you are the backbone of the internet here in America. And being the backbone you have a responsibility to make sure your network is not used for hacking personal computers just like business businesses.

But you do nothing to stop those utilizing the backbone network (for hacking) we all share to go online to do either e-mail or web browsing.

You eagerly let those whom will shut down personal computers who think differently then the Republican Party and the current administration seting in the oval office in DC.

I'd bet that your top CEO's give large amounts of money to the republican party on a regular basics and have given the republican party neanderthals the key to the back door to access anyone's personal computer, since we users of the internet have to go through you to get to our e-mail or browse the web.

I'd bet that those working for you at places around the country are also republicans who can access a personal computer behind firewalls to keep intruders out.

One can keep outside intruders out but one can not keep intruders out if they are using the same path of the intended personal computer getting attacked. You can not block the same server you are connecting.

Which makes you the prime suspect point of entery into a personal computer that is setup as much as possible to keep intruders out.

I find your backbone network repulsive by nature, since you will willingly let others attack personl computers right from your backbone network.

The use of this type of sacn: SMB_over\ip originating from level3.net repulsive, illegal and down right immoral and you do absolutely nothing to stop it.

If I were to sacn your servers using the same type of search through your network, I'd find myself arrested and put in jail for using a SMB_over\ip scan to see if I could get inside your network and cause the same type of unwanted damage to your computer system as demontrated with the use of this spoofing software.

For this reason, I am telling, informing you, that your backbone network is a fucking sham! You are the appaling network of dishonest ass holes who let others do what they will to keep this fraud in office.

Your backbone network in my opinion is the most dishonest service provider there is in America. Go suck little georgie's or little karol's little dickie.

I hope that some time in the future your network is attacked like my computer was.

Have a nice fucking life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was a funny letter 24.Feb.2004 17:56


I'm sure they'll take that real seriously.

A message from Level3.net 24.Feb.2004 18:16

gatekeeper of the third level

Hello, this is Level3.net.

We have been watching you.

Since you have addressed us in such a profound matter, and have taken your case all the way to indymedia; we will back down.

We will shut down our backbone entirely beginning immediately, but only because you cussed at us.

Sorry. So sorry.