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Poll: Many Americans Support TV Executions

21 Percent Would Pay To Watch Bin Laden Put To Death
NEW YORK -- Two-thirds of Americans polled last month said they support the idea of televising executions -- and 21 percent said they'd pay to watch Osama bin Laden put to death.

Eleven percent said they would pay to see Saddam Hussein executed.

The opinions on executions came in a poll taken by Harris Interactive for the Trio cable channel.

Even though the poll found support for the idea, 54 percent said they wouldn't watch an execution on television.

Harris Interactive interviewed 1,017 Americans aged 18 or older at random Jan. 24-26. The margin of error for the sample is plus or minus 3.1 percentage points.

Source: http://www.local6.com/news/2867927/detail.html
They must have asked "W".... 24.Feb.2004 13:06

Tony Blair's dog

and the rest of the Bush administration.

George "W" Bush is the one gouvernor with most
death sentences in his past, so he's right up there
with the worst dictators.

He's also the one gouvernor to send most children
to death during his short shameful gouvernor life.

His habit of heckling ("bohoo...please don't kill me")
and making fun of the persons being tied up waiting for
their last minutes in life tells of a person who really
should be in jail.