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celibacy is a good way to fight back

more and more are turning to the ancient art of....
Focus. Attention. Endurance. Stamina.

Superb planning. Stellar organization. Painstaking detail.

Getting things done, and getting them done right.

A higher knowledge. A higher love.

For 10,000 years, men and women have turned to celibacy for the things in life that life couldn't give.

"It's no longer a question of faith."

With celibacy, your future is unlimited.

Celibacy. Try it today.

Thanks, but... 24.Feb.2004 11:41


I tried it. It made me horny.

Another Option... 24.Feb.2004 12:31


...go fornicate yourself!

red white and blue b*lls! 24.Feb.2004 12:35

not tonight honey, I have a headache named bush

"HAVANA On March 3, performers in the Cuban capital contributed their talents, along with others in more than 1000 cities around the world (including in all 50 US states), to the Lysistrata Project. The project was a worldwide, simultaneous reading of Aristophanes' bawdy ancient Greek anti-war comedy Lysistrata, as a way to voice opposition to the war on Iraq. The readings raised money for charities working for peace and humanitarian aid in the Middle East.

Lysistrata tells the story of women from opposing states who unite to end a war by refusing to sleep with their men until they agree to lay down their swords. Powerless in their society, with too many of their sons and husbands being slaughtered in battle, the women take the only tactic available to them: a sex strike..."


It's a pity to see the name of Lysistrata used in vain. Read it? It should have been acted out!

sex... 24.Feb.2004 13:20


is a good way to destress from the horrors of the world and meet some very nice humans in the process.

Sex is . . . 24.Feb.2004 14:05


. . . dirty ugly boring hippie shit.

No-brainer 24.Feb.2004 14:30


If I lived in Vancouver, I'd practice the ancient art of celibacy too.

Or... 24.Feb.2004 14:43


At the very least, the ancient art of beer goggles.

be healthy, happy and emotionally balanced 24.Feb.2004 17:12


...just like those straight-edge kids carving Xs into their skin with razor blades. Yeah, abstinence! Just like they told us in Sunday school!

Awooooooooga 24.Feb.2004 19:27


Celibate descendants have advanced humanity more than any other demographic.

I need a date 25.Feb.2004 02:21


screw off!

I could write a book.................. 25.Feb.2004 11:13

Backed up in Borneo

I haven't been laid in 20 years, yeah....... that's.......... it.........I've.......been.......practicing..........celebacy.
I do feel more focused and organized, but for some reason I can't get rid of my headaches.

Gandhi's Brahmacharya 25.Feb.2004 18:06

Nopey Duke

Going against the usual Hindu teaching that extolls sexual activity, Gandhi, in his autobiography, recommends celibacy -- or a Hindu version of celibacy that he calls something like "Brahmacharya", although I am not sure of the spelling. Gandhi would even say that with Brahmacharya (or whatever it is called), everything you do becomes sexual activity. Some have commented that Gandhi did not embrace Brahmacharya until late in life, after he had fathered several children. Many, including Gandhi, say that it is best practiced on a vegan (or at least a vegetarian) diet. It has also been noted that falling off the wagon can be an exciting event, sometimes entailing a total loss of "focus".

I changed my mind about sex... 05.Jun.2007 23:54

...After I lost count....

I'm tired of being hurt, and losing the opportunity for real intimacy and accomplishment, as I am often deeply saddened even after the very best of sex, and this distracts me from being productive.

Once I forge a strong and real bond, and perhaps marry, I'll return to my fomrer love making rituals, with a deeper element of expression.