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has local PJTTF got "voices in their heads"?

upon reading Matt Drudge's latest report: VOICES INSIDE THEIR HEADS:
FIB 'DROWNING' IN INFO FROM DUGS, WIRETAPS, as you know it's going to
be same, or worst for the PJTTF (a more hyper-JTTF than the norm)and
that is encouraging for this community.

Those of you that remember your history, recall that the sure way to
cause EMPIRE TO FALL in the waning days of the Ancient Roman Empire
was for the citizenry to keep the Centurion's busy...BUSY! As these
"elite" warriors had sought their positions looking for a "free ride"
and it was very disconcerting for them to actually have to work.

Then, recall the very busy antics of the Lilliputan's in GULLIVER'S
TRAVELS, who keep him so busy, that he eventually had to fall down to
take a nap, and then, they tied him up.

The best way to keep PJTTF out of our lives, is to overload their
lazy-asses with lot's of WORK (they don't really want to work in
first place, is why they've been "rewarded" with the assignment)
and so, we need to use an excess of "buzz words" over the phone,
and liberally use them in writing comments to this website.

This will work folk's, if you overload them with information, it
not long till they're "hearing voices in their heads" and at that
point, they're fighting amongst themselves, and then within them-
selves. At that point, we've got it made...we've plucked the most
bothersome speck from our eyes!

Yeh! Team...go for it...go for the win!

Mirthful Merlin
REPOSTED FROM: www.drudgereport.com

Tue Feb 24 2004 08:48:10 ET

Thanks to the bundle of anti-terrorism measures known as the USA Patriot Act, the FBI is conducting a "record amount" of electronic surveillance, including the use of wiretaps and bugs, CONGRESSIONAL QUARTERLY reports on Tuesday.

But the bureau can't keep up with all the information pouring in from those and other sources, CQ's Justin Rood reports.

"We have a record amount of collection going on," said FBI spokesman Ed Cogswell in a telephone interview.

The Justice Department's 2005 budget justification for the bureau backs Cogswell up.

"Electronic Surveillance (ELSUR) collection volumes are expected to continue an upward trend for months and years ahead," the justification for the FBI reads.

The document says the increases are the result of "statutory easements to Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) authority (USA Patriot Act), a shift of FBI investigative resources to counterterrorism and counterintelligence programs heavily dependant [sic] upon ELSUR collection, and incremental growth in available ELSUR line capacity."

Electronic Surveillance - ELSUR - refers to telephone wiretaps, hidden microphones, cameras placed in private areas, and other forms of surreptitious interception of oral, written or electronic communication.

The 2001 Patriot Act (PL 107-56) included provisions making it easier for the FBI to obtain permission to spy on individuals as a part of counterterrorism investigations.

"All systems are go," said Steven Aftergood, director of the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists.

hmmm.... 24.Feb.2004 10:44

Tony Blair's dog

"All systems are go,"

It seems they are waiting for something....what?

The right "incident"?

Good 24.Feb.2004 13:32


One way to "overload" them is to encrypt everything you send over the internet.

Even if you don't care if the fucking fascists are reading your shit it helps for two reasons. One, It gives them more work to do so they won't have as much time to raid homes and steal computers or make up false charges against activists. Two, when the fucking fascists are working on your email or one of the other unnecessarily encrypted emails an encrypted email that helps a direct action succeed may get through undeciphered.

right answer, wrong reason 24.Feb.2004 14:17


I agree about using encryption. However, you're a little naive to think that the FBI would expend immense computing resources just to decrypt a single email. They'd just plant a keystroke logger or use tempest techniques. However, it's still a lot more trouble for them to do that than to just read the plaintext while it passes over the wire.

that may indeed be correct 24.Feb.2004 14:56

antiono, but...

it appears the object of this comment is to keep the PJTTF busy with actual WORK, so as
to keep 'em out of the bars, coffeeshops, and restraurants that they haunt all day...to
actually force them to be seated at their computer monitors and reading all this largely
useless rhetoric that has nothing to do with "national security" whatsoever, but is just
your average citizen exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! Just maybe...after they've
been forced to read a lot of this "stuff", then it might actually pentetrate into their
own brains and they'll become just as "enlightened" as are WE ENLIGHTENED ONES...don't
have to be DA's (as in "dumb asses") all their lives do they? Let's give 'em a lift up,
shall we? Bring 'em to a higher consciousness, so they too can be "better people" as r

Busy, busy, busy 24.Feb.2004 16:29

Catalina Eddie

This sounds like lotsa fun, but I wouldn't know what buzz words use. I could probably think of a few. I'll bet everybody else could think of a few too. Why don't we start a thread and see how many we can think up?

Here's a few: weapon market action explode destroy dirupt protest constitution capitol civil rights comrades.

Them's some scary words


hahha 24.Feb.2004 18:40


I HAD A whoa all caps ... well anyway my friend for the past 5-10 years or so, whenever he heard that the intel collect systems used 'keywords' manages to slip a few into every telephone conversation he has~!

his reasoning was exactly that: to flood it.

but whether or not they will use more of our tax dollars to hire more goons to sniff is still an open question; well , i think they will.

how's this one to jangle their 24.Feb.2004 19:34


TODAY'S INTEL REPORT: word from our reliable sources say the American Economy is set to implode, rather than explode, soon, as secret meeting is had with those
in the know. Those in the know are keeping their "plan" close to their chest, but
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might not be so bad for all...depending upon a lot of relevant factors. Gold is
at the center of it all, with funny-money a close second, but oil too factors in,
as does the price of tea in China. Big Players are shaking in their boots, as it
is not known which way the bomb will fall, nor upon who. The "who" could be just
about anybody that's got gold, silver, silver certificates, oil, oil wells, cases
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at present known, but reliable sources are working on this as I type..developing!
When the bomb goes off, it'll be like shit blown out of an old unflushed toilet
that been stagnant for so long, it's lost it's smell. But, once awakened by the
bomb, will regain it's stink! American military leaders are baffled as to how to
deal with this situation, and will likely bedazzled the dumbass Republican's and
their puppet-master Neocons with useless intelligence reports and whispers of WMD
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devert their attention from the "real" to the "imaginary" and it's back to the
ol' "business as usual" routine. Meanwhile, the bomb falls and falls on ALL, and
the stink it makes puts ALL to wearing gasmasks, gasping for air, and dialing up
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