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Time for the Pink Party!

The following is the Code Pink Peace Platform, drafted by Code Pink Minnesota.
CODEPINK Peace Platform 2003

We choose pink,
the color of roses,
the beauty that like bread is food for life,
the color of the dawn of a new era
when cooperation and negotiation prevail over force.

Peace is not only the absence of military conflict, it is also a powerful force that is nurturing, harmonious, and without limitations for growth. Peace generates stable feelings of trust and safety between people and requires responsibility to self and others. Peace fosters maintaining the health of the planet and those who live on it and allows the Earth to provide enough for all. Peace necessitates cooperation and problem solving, rather than blaming and judging. Peace is active rather than passive, courageous rather than fearful, and consistently and firmly opposes violence in all its forms. The voice of peace will not be silenced.

War and terrorism are forms of violence to the human spirit, to the human body, and to its natural environment. Violence also comes in many other forms. Poverty, lack of adequate and affordable housing, and lack of adequate nutrition and unsafe food are forms of violence to the human body and its sustenance. Disinformation, intolerance, racism, and repression are all forms of violence to the human spirit and separate people, isolate people, and deny interconnectedness and harmony. Pollution of air, water, and soil is a form of violence to our natural environment and threatens survival and growth.

We can stop the violence. CODEPINK calls for a United States of America that consistently rejects deceit, bullying, chauvinism, hatred, and all types of violence when developing national and international policies. Terrorism must not be fought by using terror tactics, which warfare can mimic. Conflict should empower positive change and growth not destruction. We should not live in fear. We cannot live in fear. We will not live in fear.

CODEPINK supports the Bill of Rights and the protection of our civil liberties. Patriots understand that the right to dissent is necessary for a free and open democracy. When government leaders question the patriotism of those who disagree, they threaten the inherent right of free speech. The right to privacy is sacred. Congress must repeal the portions of the Patriot Act I that allow unreasonable search and seizure and imprisonment without counsel. Some of the current administration's policies that are based on Judeo-Christian beliefs and interests threaten to blur the separation of church and state, which jeopardizes the constitutional prohibition of state-sponsored religion. Leaders must acknowledge and understand this prohibition when establishing laws and policies. The United States of America has citizens of many beliefs, who deserve equal standing. Because the United States of America has been recognized throughout the world as a nation that welcomes those in need and offers opportunity for freedom, for a better life, and for the enjoyment of civil liberties, current immigration policy that has been perceived as threatening to new immigrants and other noncitizens since September 11, 2001, must be reviewed and revised as necessary.

CODEPINK believes that the economic priorities of the United States of America should start with the health and well-being of all living things. A healthy environment is essential for the long-term welfare of the planet. Many current practices, such as mountaintop removal mining, are destroying the environment for short-term monetary gain, and any costs incurred by changing these practices are far outweighed by the cost of continuing to allow this destruction and pollution of our planet. Our country must defend itself, but spending a higher amount for our defense budget than all other countries combined is obscene and unnecessary. War profiteering is abhorrent. Current trends that shift wealth away from workers to the owners and managers of capital are demeaning and dehumanizing. Competition is healthy. Cutthroat practices and monopolization are unhealthy. People are more valuable than profit. Because globalization has continued to increase and has tied the vital economic and security interest of many nations so closely together, the United States of America must support peaceful resolution of conflicts, arms limitation treaties, expansion of education and technology, healthy environmental standards, equitable trading practices, and fair labor standards.

CODEPINK envisions the United States of America of America as a responsible, positive, and friendly member of the global community; as a nation that nurtures, educates, and protects its citizens; and as a nation that also works with international bodies to protect all humanity and all living things.

CODEPINK will adhere to the following values while pursuing peace.

The Practice of Living Peace

1. Learn and practice nonviolent communication and peaceful problem-solving strategies.
2. Create, participate in, and sponsor events that effect a creative, joyful experience of peace and cooperation. Be outrageous for peace.
3. Respect people of all races, creeds, cultures, sexual orientations, genders, abilities, and economic statuses, which reaffirms the interconnectedness of people and of all life on Earth.
4. Support groups, political candidates, and corporations that share our values.
5. Encourage the return to civil discourse and pledge to not question the patriotism of those who disagree with our values and views.
6. Avoid reckless, insatiable consumption and conserve the Earth's resources, which are essential to survival.
7. Reinstate the values of justice, fairness, honesty, and equality throughout society to maintain a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
8. Promote true freedom of speech in all forms of media.

CODEPINK supports the following reforms and goals.

Foreign Policy and Department of Defense (DOD) Reform and Goals

1. Transition Iraq to become a sovereign, independent nation in an expedited and orderly manner.
2. Reject unilateralism in all international policies. Support and strengthen the United Nations (U.N.) so that it can be more effective in securing and maintaining global security and commit to U.N. intervention in cases of genocide and extreme humanitarian crises. Pay our U.N. dues and our share of U.N. mandates that the United States of America has already voted to support (for example, the Millennium Declaration of September 2000 and the Monterey Declaration of March 2002).
3. Reinstate the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty.
4. Mandate minimum age of 21 for military service.
5. Prohibit use of our armed services to support corporate interests.
6. Reallocate a part of current defense spending for a Department of Peace that will promote peaceful resolution of all conflicts. Establish a peace force that is dedicated to nonviolence and can be dispatched to implement nonviolent communication and peaceful conflict resolution strategies when conflict threatens to erupt into violence.
7. Seek a worldwide ban on the use of depleted uranium in armaments and ban all biological and chemical weapons. Ban the use of land mines. Prohibit the development of mininuclear bombs (robust nuclear earth penetrators). Maintain the Spratt-Furse Prohibition.
8. Minimize (ideally, eliminate) the potential of misinformation about or misrepresentation of the possession of any biological or chemical weapon of mass destruction by developing technology (such as imprinted polymer detection [MIP]) that can detect and sequester any such weapons anywhere.
9. Close the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHISC); also known as the School of the Americas.
10. Ban both retired or former military personnel and former elected or appointed government officials from working with companies that have DOD contracts.
11. Investigate all DOD cost overruns. Mandate congressional oversight for all DOD contracts even those that are less than $50 million.

Environmental Reform and Goals

1. Support the Hannover principles that are described in The Hannover Principles Design for Sustainability.
2. Advance technology, research, and implementation of renewable sources of energy, such as biomass energy, wind and solar power, and fuel cell and hybrid vehicles.
3. Establish a worldwide ban on dangerous toxic substances. Advance technologies to detect and clean up dangerous toxins. Refund the superfund so that it may return to its work. Investigate all current and developing sound wave technologies and ban or limit use as needed to ensure environmental safety.
4. Increase recycling of as many products as possible.
5. Work together with global communities to revisit and ratify environmental protective policies, such as the Kyoto Treaty and other worldwide environmental treaties.
6. Close the Indian Point nuclear power plant and pursue an end to all nuclear power generation.

Political System Reform and Goals

1. Election Laws
* Implement and enforce uniform national ballot polling regulations in the United States of America.
* Institute a voter-verified paper trail, such as described in the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2003.
* Promote campaign finance reform that protects politicians from corporate purchase and biased influence.
* Promote instant runoff voting.
2. Executive Branch
* Forbid the selection of political appointees who have had ties to the defense industry or other corporate interests.
* Prohibit the awarding of no-bid government contracts.
3. Judicial Branch
* Maintain the separation of church and state.
* Eliminate the death penalty.
* Establish fair sentencing standards.
4. Legislative Branch
* Support the arts in their pursuit of truth, peace, and enlightenment.
* Institute the Code for Corporate Responsibility, which contains the precautionary principle that is described by Carolyn Raffensperger.
* Decrease the influence of lobbying and special interest groups and increase the influence of average citizens.
* Recognize the International Criminal Court and its War Crimes Tribunal without exemption requirement for citizens or soldiers of the United States of America.
* Prevent passage of Patriot Act II (and/or Victory Act).
* Repeal unconstitutional provisions of the Patriot Act I, including parts that are perceived as threatening to new immigrants.
* Support the national campaign for a peace tax fund (that is, the Religious Freedom Peace Tax Fund Act).
* Ratify the 1989 U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention on All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.
* Support states based on population and need.
* Reverse the 2003 Federal Communication Commission (FCC) decision regarding concentration of ownership of media and return to the equal time requirements that were previously in effect.
* Support the Women and Children in War and Armed Conflict Protection Act of 2003.
* Forbid further privatization of service and regulatory government agencies. Consider the deprivatization of some government agency functions that have already been privatized.

Social Reform and Goals

1. Renew the social contract embedded in our constitution to a create a society in which we all contribute to a common treasury so that none need face the indignities of unemployment, sickness, accident, poverty, and old age without help.
2. Provide health care coverage to all citizens and protect the public health of everyone by introducing and implementing a national health care system.
3. Destigmatize poverty and then eliminate it.
4. Support education as a great equalizer and as a core right for the citizens of the world. Teaching critical thinking, conflict resolution skills, and peace studies must become an integral part of all educational curriculums as appropriate.
5. Strengthen government's role to provide essential services for community health care, affordable housing, transportation, protection, and education. Strengthen our country by providing nurturing care for youth, a safety net for elderly people, those with disabilities, and those with low income.
6. Create and support policies that address violence against women and children, including domestic violence and any other form of terror or violence perpetrated on people of all ages. There can be no peace in the world until peace exists in our homes and our children grow up learning a more peaceful way of life.
7. Control pharmaceutical costs to make them more affordable and available for all citizens throughout the world.
8. Create business-generating programs that provide those at home who care for young children an opportunity to become a money-earning sector of our communities.
9. Reform and reverse the growth of the prison industrial complex. Ban privatization of prison systems; no one should profit from the operation of a prison.
10. Fund and advance the current Millennium Development Goals to decrease hunger; to treat AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other epidemics; and to encourage safe childhood immunizations. (The U.N. Development Program and the World Bank administer these programs with the involvement of local agencies.)

Economic and Business Reform and Goals

1. Reverse the wanton and reckless economic policies that have plunged the United States of America's economy into a trillion-dollar deficit.
2. Be creative in finding ways to stimulate the economy so that people at all income levels will benefit. Reverse the high unemployment rate and put Americans back to work in decent paying jobs.
3. Promote corporate responsibility for fair labor and trade practices. Example: Protest, negotiate, and/or boycott until employers improve working conditions, such as voluntary improvement made by Gap and Levi Strauss in Latin America.
4. Increase minimum wage to a living wage and support labor unions to even the playing field between management and labor. Example: CEOs of many large corporations earn more than 135 times the annual salary of a factory worker. Both average hourly wage and medium weekly earning are lower now in terms of real purchasing power than there were in the 1970s. Many workers have lost access to job-related benefits. Only the richest Americans are paying lower taxes than they were in the 1970s. Inequality of wealth in the United States of America is at its worst point since 1920. The United States of America has a larger inequality of wealth than exists in other developed countries.
5. Require corporate accountability to its workers and to our communities. Revoke or revise corporate charters if a firm is not operating in the public interest. Example: California revoked the charter of Union Oil Corporation because of the company's environmental devastation and gross violations of human rights of their workers.
6. Apply "three strikes and you are out" principle to corporate crime. Example: Pennsylvania Wayne Township passed a law in 1998 that states that any firm that has three regulatory violations or more over 15 years is forbidden to establish operations in their community.
7. Dissolve mammoth corporations by creating new taxes based on corporate assets on a graduated scale.
8. Restore people's power in this capitalistic system by balancing the power of the small investor against the corporate elites. Democratize corporate boards and strengthen and reform the regulatory power of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to enforce regulations.
9. End corporate welfare.
10. Promote fair trade not free trade. Reconfigure the world trade organization (WTO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) so that they promote the economic, social, environmental, and cultural interests of all citizens of the world.
11. Support small family farms and eliminate corporate feedlots.
12. Cut taxes for those with the lowest income. Create a tax bracket of 20% for those earning between $28,400 and $43,340 for single and $56,800 and $86,680 for joint returns. Repeal recent tax cuts for those who earn more than $125,000 for single and $250,000 for joint returns.

Positive change occurs when determined, courageous individuals reach out with wisdom, love, and kindness in the midst of conflict or overwhelming adversity. The determined women of CODEPINK are reaching out to promote a better life for all people by being aware of and by analyzing present global events and the history of these events that led up to these terrible and difficult times. CODEPINK acknowledges that it is never easy to deal with loss, violence, and adversity and its resulting grief and sense of vulnerability, but in responding to attack, the United States of America must seek reasonable, informed, and measured justice, rather than revenge to avoid becoming the evil it despises. Leaders and citizens of the United States of America must pay attention to their hearts, souls, and capabilities and to their interconnectedness with friends, family, and their local, national, and global community. Human beings everywhere must delve into the well of collected wisdom, ancient and modern, to evolve into a place where peace and the great human values of equality, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are a reality for everyone.

Remember the words of the Hopi elder:

"At this time in history we are to take nothing personally
Least of all ourselves, for the moment that we do,
Our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over.
Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary.
All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration and love.
We are the ones we've been waiting for."

Copyright 2003 CODEPINK MN. All Rights Reserved. Written by the CODEPINK MN Peace Platform Committee and edited by Wendy S. Schadewald. The authors give permission for this document to be reproduced in its entirety for educational and informational purposes.

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