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KEEP IT LOCAL! "Leap for Localization" - a No Starbucks in 7 Corners event - 29 Feb

WHO: Portland Residents Concerned by the proposed Starbucks at Seven Corners' Ladd's Meat Building
WHAT: Rally for Local Business
WHERE: 2106 SE Division at Mirador
WHEN: Sunday, February 29, 2004 (Leap Day) at 1:45pm
WHY: To Keep it Local
Please join us to hear speakers and to parade around Seven Corners (21st & SE Division) in an effort to promote sustainable, local businesses in our neighborhood. By keeping money local, we can enjoy a thriving community. Following a press conference featuring representatives from NWRAGE, City Repair, and People's Co-op, we'll take a walking tour of the surrounding 2 square blocks and check out the 6-8 new developments happening.

A Local Business is More Sustainable because it
keeps its revenue local
uses less material resources and less transportation costs
employs more labor
brings character and heightens quality of life

We are concerned that a Starbucks in Seven Corners will bring many problems to the community.
First, the in-and-out nature of the Starbucks will worsen
traffic and safety conditions for kids, pedestrians, and
cyclists. Already congested parking in neighborhood side
streets will be negatively impacted. In addition, the national
corporation will take away from the neighborhood character
the same way that it will siphon dollars from the local
economy. Moreover, Starbucks will bring an increase in
rents for other new and current businesses and residents.

Instead, we would like to the old Ladd's Meat Building leased to
a business, like a laundromat, that encourages people to stay awhile and shop other places in the area
a local business that spends money with other local businesses (like printers and restaurants and contracted work)
a reasonably priced store that fits with the current mix of establishments, and won't drive out businesses or residents

Want to help promote the Leap for Localization?
Here's a poster:  http://www.nostarbucksin7corners.org/collateral/leap-flyer2.pdf
Here's quarter-sheets:  http://www.nostarbucksin7corners.org/collateral/leap-quartersheets.pdf

homepage: homepage: http://www.NoStarbucksIn7Corners.org