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epigramme: magic jungle

I need strength now
   I've seen an old lover with the new
   a not so surprise in the dark


I've had everything
I could ever want
with the roar of the ocean
     at our backs
     every moment
     for days
     in a whole different universe
     that is still one with this one

I'm back

and my breathing
    is heavy
    under the weight of beeer and music
    and this great god damn mystery
    that are the days until I know
    that my lover's soul is for me alone

or mainly

the knife goes in quickly
and straight back out again
    so little blood is spilt
    when the heart has long ago
         dripped its last drop
that it seems like there is no flesh and bone
only scar tissue hanging on to mass of cosmic strings
in the form of a person

but I'm in love

with the most beautiful and dangerous cat
as perfect a match as there will ever be

ahhhh! the magic of this jungle.