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Peaceful Protest March 1!

On March 1 in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the citizens are gathering at high noon to let their voice be heard and seek redress of their grievances against the United States Government. Email  unite_resist@yahoo.com for more information.
Attention all residents of the Portland, OR area!

Are you tired of electing the same old liars?
Do you long for a true choice in this so-called democratic process?
Does it bother you that the United States is financially supported by criminally immoral corporate and military acts?
Are you frightened at the rapid loss of Constitutional freedoms in this country?

Then say so!

On Monday, March 1 at noon, in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the citizens are gathering. We are gathering to march through the streets in the name of justice. We are gathering to raise our collective voice against a government which turns a deaf ear to our pleas. We are coming to take one small step in reclaiming our democratic choice.

Unite/Resist is a network of concerned citizens striving to raise public awareness and restore active involvement in Government. United States Government exists solely by the consent of the governed, and thus the people must hold the government accountable for its actions or we are all complicit in its crimes. Unite/Resist contends that the grievances against England which are enumerated in the Declaration of Independence are largely applicable to the United States today, and on a far greater scale. So join us in Pioneer Square on March 1 and declare, peacefully and nonviolently, your grievance against those elected to serve you. If the voice of the people is silent, we have damned ourselves and our nation.

Unite. Resist.

(Follow-up articles may be posted detailing the premise of Unite/Resist's position of dissent, or email  unite_resist@yahoo.com