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Latest Central Command Press Release

combined forces command - afghanistan release
February 23, 2004
Release Number: 04-02-41



KABUL, Afghanistan -- In coordination with the Islamic Transitional Government of Afghanistan, Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan continues to train the Afghan National Army, provide civil affairs support, and disrupt, deny, and destroy terrorist and anti-ITGA forces in order to establish a stable and secure Afghanistan.

Coalition forces strongly condemn yesterday's senseless attack on Louis-Berger Group employees. Coalition forces medically evacuated the two seriously wounded individuals to Coalition medical facilities at Kandahar and then onward to Bagram. Forces also transported the helicopter back to our base at Kandahar.

In coordination with Gov. Pashtun and local security forces, Soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division are currently on the ground working to apprehend the responsible individual.

In the past two days, Afghan citizens in Konar and Paktia provinces have turned in three weapons caches with a total of more than three hundred 82mm recoilless rifle rounds, one hundred and fifty 82mm mortar rounds, twenty Rocket Propelled Grenades, ten 107mm rockets, and ten thousand large caliber machine gun rounds.

On Saturday, the Jalalabad PRT distributed aid to a local orphanage including bags of children's clothing, soccer balls, boxes of books, packs of paper, and pencils.

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