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The Daily Poetry Movement

I am dreaming of my garden. I am getting extra sleep just to dream of herbs, cabbages, broccoli, and kale. I am dreaming of tomatoes, sunshine, dragonflies, twitching noses of friends, animals, and insects, everyone is zooming around the garden enjoying our growing season. It is easy then, to forget the dying season, the fasting season, the season we live in...
Little Cambray Tamales
by Claribel Alegrķa
(makes 5,000,000 little tamales)
- for Eduardo and Helena who asked me
for a Salvadoran recipe

Two pounds of mestizo cornmeal
half a pound of loin of gachupin
cooked and finely chopped
a box of pious raisins
two tablespoons of Malinche milk
one cup of enraged water
a fry of conquistador helmets
three Jesuit onions
a small bag of multinational gold
two dragon's teeth
one presidential carrot
two tablespoons of pimps
lard of Panchimalco Indians
two ministerial tomatoes
a half cup of television sugar
two drops of volcanic lava
seven leaves of pito
(don't be dirty-minded, it's a soporific)
put everything to boil
over a slow fire
for five hundred years
and you'll see how tasty it is.

Translated from the Spanish by D.J. Flakoll
From WOMAN OF THE RIVER (University of Pittsburgh Press, 1989)

I am dreaming... 24.Feb.2004 01:20


I am dreaming of a recipe
   that calls for a special bird


not to eat

to eat?


in the lips
but, not with the teeth