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Call to Action! Visible Protest to Impeach

Local Activist calls for a citywide call for Impeachment.
Join this Visible Protest:

Go to a busy street or busy public place (just yourself and/or with a few others) these coming weeks and legally show your call for Impeachment. By simply standing or walking alongside a busy street, you will reach the eyes of dozens of people by the minute. Please take the time to reach out in this time of crisis. Even just a half-hour to an hour can really help.

This idea of a Visible and Distributed protest, rather than a common self-centered and clustered protest, is a new and grass-roots approach to community outreach that enables us to reach a much broader range and higher number of people given the time and energy we put in.

I am a visible protestor in Portland who frequently shows his sign, which simply states IMPEACH. on busy Powell Blvd. reaching dozens of drivers and with much success. For every frown I get at least three honks! For more info. on this new form of protest search for "distributed protest" via any search engine and stay posted for more details.

Join us this week and help bring public opinion into public view!