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I didn't know this was legal?

I was recently convicted.
Recently I was convicted of Assault IV (yes, I did it). And I took a plea bargain in order to not have any jail time. So the deal was ok, because I was just going to go on bench probation for a couple years and pay fines. The Judge, however, decided the deal wasn't fair and added two days in jail. I didn't know it was legal for him to do that? The only reason I signed the deal and pleaded guilty was so I didn't have to go to jail...
Just the facts 23.Feb.2004 20:27


Pleas are always up to the judge no matter what the Prosecution says.

OK! just what is 23.Feb.2004 20:30

Assault IV?

It'd be nice to put it all in context by knowing just what Assault IV is? Please
tell us more. Give us more info to go on, so we can respond intelligently! OK?

What did your attorney tell you? 23.Feb.2004 21:00


Did you have an attorney? What did he tell you?

Whiners 'R Us 23.Feb.2004 21:10

Poor Impulse Control

Poor baby...

Could we hear from the person you assaulted?

Maybe you know more than the Judge! 23.Feb.2004 21:12


uh hu hu hu

Just A Guess... 23.Feb.2004 21:24

Poor Impulse Control

Methinks the judge wanted to provide you with a taste of what awaits you if you keep committing violent crimes...