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Why you should not trust NYC IndyMedia

NYC IndyMedia deletes article on Free Speech and parrots the defamation of proven rightwing smear campaign.
Please visit this link for a full explanation:


I suggest being cautious about posting on NYC IndyMedia, they may not be working for the right side.

homepage: homepage: http://www.stop-fascism.org/#NYCINDYMEDIA

I don't want to visit your website, why don't you post your article 23.Feb.2004 21:19



seconded 23.Feb.2004 21:25


I would second that. I have posted things there, bookmarked it, came back, and it had been deleted.

Who would have thought that several years into the IMC movement, the home city of 9-11 would delete a post about it!!

Don't read it if you don't want to. 23.Feb.2004 22:07

Here's another link.

Here's a link to the original article that was posted here without troll-like comments about not wanting to visit the website: http://www.whiterosejournal.info/thewhiterosemagazine/id9.html On the original article, towards the upper right, there is a link to a page detailing NYC IndyMedia's actions. These articles are only linked and not posted specifically because of the defamation campaign. Stop Fascism generally does not post articles on IndyMedia any longer, only links. Basically, we don't trust IndyMedia to remove forged articles. Deniablility rests in not posting articles on IndyMedia.

NYC Indymedia loves censorship 24.Feb.2004 01:03

Indymedia Reader and Supporter

People in NYC Indymedia love to delete everything, without any criteria. There's not even a Editorial Policy there (see  http://nyc.indymedia.org/mod/info/display/policy--_consensus_7/3/2/index.php )

The Indymedias of Belgium and Netherland are similar. Pure tiranny and censorship. I don't understand why some shameful sites are still part of the Indymedia Net.

worst 24.Feb.2004 01:28


The "owners" of NYC-Indymedia are not happy in only "hiding" hundreds of articles.
They love to DELETE them all, completely.

portland peace camp is censored, too 24.Feb.2004 03:30


I have written two great comments on the portland peace camp on two separate occasions, and neither one of them was printed. This has never happened with any other comment. Furthermore, two portland peace camp related emails never made it to their recipient. And, it gets worse: one evening, my daugher and I were just a few feet from our residence, when someone in a silver suv took our pictures at night, while we were walking home!!! I also searched the archives for a pbordc comment I made, only to find it deleted. I then looked at other articles of the same day to see if all the comments were routinely deleted, and the other articles had their comments intact!! All of those comments were very patriotic. (Not the fake patriotism we've been hearing about since 9/11.) Whoever these folks are, and I suspect them to be the CIA, they don't seem to like patriotic themed stuff.

My wife and I were photographed by the police. 24.Feb.2004 04:52


Just as we left our driveway in my car, a cop pulled out in front of us. When we reached the first intersection (his car was directly in front of us), he turned around with a camera and took our picture. My wife witnessed this as well. There is no doubt that dissidents are under surveillance.

communtiy-organizer survielled 24.Feb.2004 14:44

interplantary fairy

i also have been photographed by some unknown government type officials as well as harassed by city inspectors who walked around my yard and looked into my vehicles and house windows.
lastly, i had a rummage sale when i moved last spring and an individual who looked very much like a undercover cop took part of a broiler pan i was selling, handed it to me, and asked me "is this for cooking bacon." then he took it! not a typical garage saler. needless to say, i feel a little spooked by the attention.

You're not alone 24.Feb.2004 15:18

also under surveillance

Several people (3 that I know of) associated with the Portland Peace Encampment have had the police search their homes.

This is not new. But guess what - nothing they collect illegally can be used for any legal purpose. Even the Weathermen who actually blew stuff up had all charges against them dropped because of illegal surveillance by the police. The Weathermen could have been found guilty of all kinds of crimes if the police didn't act like fascists. But that is not in their nature - they are what they are. The same thing here in Portland. Of course they are going to violate every constitutional right we have to "do their job" but it means nothing.

Maybe they pick you out of a crowd for harassment or arrest you for no reason. They may even beat you down. No amount of fear will lessen those odds. They expect you to be scared - that is their power. They don't expect you to assert your rights, face them with courage and to belittle the so-called authority they so proudly wield - that denies them power.

So next time you see a pig take a picture be prepared and take a picture of them or take down the license plate/car number/badge number and file a complaint with the IPR and with the justice department.