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Endangered Species Solidarity Day

Solidarity with endangered species and people throughout Earth. Redwood tree voles and wild delta rice suffer in the corporate controlled world where war, money and profit are valued over life and biodiversity.
when the occupation/invasion of Iraq begun people were in SF streets protesting the war and people were in trees saving redwoods from the Huwitz/Bush timber/war machine..

tree sitters were forcibly removed by climbers and peaceful people in SF were tear gassed by police, yet endangered species in the redwoods were still living in the few remaining old growth redwoods, wondering the future of their species on Earth?

Red tree voles and Iraqi children wept that day, when the Humboldt tree sitters were torn from their armlike branches and military bombs fell on Baghdad, Iraq..

Cucupa tribe in Mexico is suffering from the longest drought since the damming/diversion of Rio Colorado decades ago. The delta ecsystem has turned to saltflat desert without freshwater input from the Rio Colorado, a current endangered species of edible wild rice cannot survive the salinity of the parched delta. An entire tribe of people who survived in the Colorado delta for thousands years now can choose either extinction or assimilation into corporate maquiladora US/MEX border culture..

The other choice is survival, something all people (la gente)and animals have a right to on Earth. Oxygen air and water are not commodities to be bought and sold on a profit driven consumer market. When Coca-cola claims ownership of the aquifers under Chiapas, MEX and former Coca-cola CEO Vincentes Fox happens 2 be Mexico's president during this land grab by Coca-cola, the rights of the people (derechos humanos) are suppressed in the interest of the corporations, placing money above human life..

Redwood trees in Humboldt and wild rice in the Colorado delta are both asking for our help. They ask the people to think about the value of a corporation compared to the rights of the people, plants and animals to drinking water, the value of a war driven tree harvesting monopoly (MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber) and the shade of an old growth redwood in summer with the sound of the ocean neaby (cerca del mar)..

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiarising.org/en/2004/02/55.shtml

fyi 23.Feb.2004 15:34


Thanks for the thoughts!!

FYI they're "red tree voles" not "redwood tree voles" and they don't live in redwoods, they live in douglas-fir trees.

red tree voles 23.Feb.2004 19:48


actually red tree voles live in either old growth redwood or old growth Douglas fir canopy, yet they eat the needles of doug fir, not redwood needles.

there is also a species of Usnea lichen that has a different biochemistry than the Usnea lower on the ground because of more aromatic molecules in the canopy and other variations in UV radiation, moisture and other factors..

none of this matters to MAXXAM/Pacific Lumber, their main concern is profit to fuel the war economy..