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UAV surveillance in the hands of the citizen?

Want to monitor police activity at a demonstration? Why not get your own unmanned aerial vehicle, complete with a built-in wireless video system?
Want to see what *really* happens at the next protest? Get a bird's eye view of events as they unfold. Let's have video surveillance work for the citizenry next time:

From  http://www.rctoys.com/predator.php:

"Draganfly Innovation's scaled-down Predator looks just like the Predator B you have seen on CNN. And, like its full-size cousin, the scale Predator is flown by a radio system from the ground while it transmits real-time color video and takes high quality still photos. The scale Predator can even be equipped with a GPS flight control unit for long distance, pre- programmed reconnaissance missions (20 miles effective range). [...] Of course, the full-size Predator was designed as an aerial platform for video and still cameras, and this functionality is shared by the scale Predator. The Eyecam 2.4GHz wireless color video camera transmits its birds-eye-view video in real-time to the pilot, where it can be viewed and recorded. [...] With personal use in mind, Draganfly offers the base Predator as an aerial platform. Simply add our Eyecam wireless video system or digital still camera and you will be ready for those aerial surveillance missions. Draganfly also offers a high performance Lithium-Polymer battery system that triples flight endurance and improves performance. Finally, if autonomous flight or long-distance (up to 15 mile range) video is required, Draganfly's Predator is up to the task."

Anyone have a thousand dollars laying around? :)
this is actually a good idea 23.Feb.2004 12:50

keep up with the joneses

among other recent technological advances that are also becoming "affordable" (whatever that means)

but in the wake of Miami/FTAA it's all we can do . . .

I think one of the FTAA websites also demonstrated the technique of camcorders mounted on tall, hand-held poles for aerial views.

Spooks 23.Feb.2004 14:22


So now we can all see what everyone else is doing. The next frontier is to tune in to what they are thinking.

Trouble is, we already *know* what they are thinking, we *know* what they are doing. And we keep on buying into their schemes.

Another world is possible, and we must create it-- *they* won't give it to us no matter who we vote for for president, or how many letters we write to Congress. The System can't be fixed, and it is naive to think it can be demolished. A parallel universe is the only answer.

A non-parallel-- sequential-- scheme is the other choice: wait for the present system to collapse, then start a new one. Which most likely result in making all the same mistakes all over again.)