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Endangered Species died today at the Forest Service headquarters

A crowd of over 50 friendly protesters, and a few armed people who looked afraid and stayed inside the building -- including a woman who held onto her big gun -- , witnessed the death of four endangered species today outside of the forest service headquarters.

About 55 people gathered this marning at 7:30 a.m. at the waterfront for a rally. Members of Back to the Wall, BARK, and the Sierra Club were there to let everyone know about Bush's plans to destroy the forest. Today the Bush administration hopes to do away with the rule that basically says that the Forest Service has to check to see if there are endangered species in the Forest before they cut it down.

Everyone then marched a few blocks to the Forest Service headquarters, where a few police officers guarded the doorway which they had locked. People who worked inside were redirected to the back entryway. Most of them thought that it was stupid and said that they knew were were peaceful and that the security was unnecessary. One group of workers completely ignored us, looked afraid, and just kept on going when we tried to let them know why we were there. As part of the demonstration, four people disquised as endangered animals faked their deaths at the door of the building. Then a woman played a drum and sang a song about the earth which brought them back to life.

Sadly, most people probably don't know much about the forest plan except for the fake science that the corporate media spreads. Lucky for you, indymedia has a whole section dedicated to local forest issues so that you can know better!

Pics 23.Feb.2004 13:55


Thanks, wish I coulda been there. Sounds great. Got any pics?

pic 23.Feb.2004 15:35


picture from protest
picture from protest

thanks for the report, A 23.Feb.2004 18:25

endangered species lover

i couldn't make it this morning, so i'm glad you filed this report!

Don't shoot!!!! 24.Feb.2004 16:02

less than lethal?...less likely to be lethal

I was at the demo and saw the exotic piece of weaponary that homeland security officer Maxie brandished. Afterward I spoke with officer Maxie inquiring about its purpose. She told me that it was a "303" which is basically a paintball gun. I then went into the forest building (after they unlocked the doors) and talked with officers Akin, Greenhill, Johnson, and Lt. Sheldon all with "homeland security". Lt. Sheldon (Bob) concurred that it was a "303" a less than lethal weapon (paintball/pepperball gun). Check out the "303" at  http://www.fnhusa.com/contents/ll_303.htm...they don't give the price on line but it looks rather expensive.

More resources and coverage HERE! 24.Feb.2004 17:39

Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Network action@cacadiarising.org

There's a lot more report backs from protests all around the region, images, and background on the issues at www.cascadiarising.org.

Just so people know, this wasn't precisly a protest about the edangered species generally speaking (not that that wouldn't be a good thing and all). Rather, it was a protest about a specific Bush administration policy which has remove protections for rare species in the Northwest. The corporate media 100% missed that - just wanted to encourage folks to understand the issues. Again, lots of background information at www.cascadiarising.org (particulary at www.cascadiarising.org/sam/), the group that along with Back to the WALL, helped publize the regional day of protest.

this is a better article on the protests 24.Feb.2004 17:50

Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense

There's a better portland indymedia article on the protests here: