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21st Century John Stockwell

Scott Ritter, an ex-Marine and outspoken critic of Bush Administration WMD claims, is now being publicly denegrated by the Administration he served, just like John Stockwell.
If you don't who John Stockwell is, you should spend some time searching on this man. A staunch conservative and ex-Marine, he became the highest ranking CIA officer to ever resign and speak out against the US government. His exposure of CIA destabilization tactics in Africa during the late 70s made the decorated hero the target of a sudden and vociferous attack from the conservative establishment. He wrote several books exposing the CIA's darker, inner circles and was active on the lecture circuit during the first Gulf War.

Now Scott Ritter, another highly regarded, ex-Marine, who publicly spoke out against what he knew to be deceptive claims about the existence of WMD when he was a UN weapons inspector is getting the same treatment. Marines and other US service personnel who risk their lives in defense of the US and our Constitution, can often be the most credible critics of the imperial policies people like Bush and Cheney serve. Their subsequent defamation by the organizations who find their independent thinking and loyalty to the US Constitution and its people (as opposed to a flag, commander-in-chief, or other empty symbolism) provides an excellent frame of reference with which to recognize and deconstruct propaganda.

His story is published in the Boston Globe...


homepage: homepage: http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2004/02/22/ex_iraq_inspector_remains_divisive?mode=PF