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The Daily Grind 2/23/04

Your daily dose of Grind...

homepage: homepage: http://www.upsaid.com/jjackrabbit/

yay, a new character 23.Feb.2004 10:02

grind fan

i love the new character. is he a woodchuck? whatever, he's awesome. keep up the great work!

Close.. 23.Feb.2004 10:50

dailygrind dailygrind@emailaccount.com

He's a beaver. Lazlo D. Beaver was Jacob's foil when I drew "The Daily Grind" for my university's daily back in '97. He'll be back on occassion to break up the monotony.

Amazing... 23.Feb.2004 11:19


Isn't it amazing that "real" news and Bushco comments can inspire a cartoon-a-day. Thanks for the ironic twist.