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jesus love's killing, raping, stealing from the poor to give to the rich bigots!

What kind of god would let rich bigots steal, rape and kill others all in the name of some so called god? I don't know of a god of kindness that would let this go on unless there is no such person alive or dead.
But that is what those nazi christians are doing right before our very own eyes and we say nothing? Why is that the case? Is it because those doing the killing, stealing, raping and so on are doing this for stating that this is what some so called said to someone? The god I was brought with did not beleive in killing others just because they did something you didn't like. The god I know is someone who cares about all life not just what some concsider is not worthy to live on because it would hinder the flow of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ flowing through their blood stained hands.

But those like robertson and falwell want you to beleive that their god is the right one even though these two keep making statements like lets go kill the bastards causse they are of a different faith, or have a different skin color than theirs. Just so called bible (written by man to control people's minds and money) do they study from? Is this image of some gun toting jesus, what they think is their so called god? Make no mistake about it, when you start listening to these bigoted born again christian nut cases who at the drop of a hat will kill,rape and steal and not think about what they just did. Because in their warped little piss-ant minds they think they can do anything and get away with with cause they invoke some so called god and statingthat this god told them to do it. But what god would tell someone to kill in the first place? Doesn't this man written bible say not to kill, or steal, or commit adultery (which could mean rape)? These christian piss-ant freaks only read what they want to and leave out the rest.

Can anyone prove there is this person or thing being is really real? I don't know of anyone who ever met this being or even had conversation with this being, do you know of anyone who has? Who would not be considered a true basket case strong out on drugs or two steps away from being a total nut case and running away from the nut hospital. Maybe they've breathed in too much murcury and their minds are truely shot, or maybe they drank too much water with arsenic in it to bring about this type behavior? The god I know is a loving caring god and not at all like the one the GRIM REAPER beleives in!
who is your god? 23.Feb.2004 08:06


You're not making any sense. Do you actually know what the Bible says about money? As far as mind control goes, it appears Farwell has control of it (or do you collaborate with him). Whoever your god is, does your faith keep you ignorant as to why the world is the way it is? Your god is kind and compassionate, yet it's the same world. Can you tell me what your god says about people who tell lies about who your god is and represents, to defame, and currupt, and make lots of money?

The evil Xian god 23.Feb.2004 08:20


What kind of evil god would encourage his followers to commit all kinds of ghastly crimes against humanity?

It's the same kind of god who had watched and allowed his own son to be slowly tortured to death on the cross. Can one imagine a worse pervert than this?

Jesus and perception 23.Feb.2004 09:56


Beyond the superstitions of religion what is left is a sense of ethical culture. Jesus tought understanding, compassion, and virtue. Acting in defiance of Roman law he spread his peaceful gospel and was ultimately persecuted then murdered. Jesus died a death of a revolutionary martyr. Even upon his death he refused to act in aggresion towards his slayers. Don't let the words and actions of Jesus be tainted by the perceptions of a few devilish preachers. Because Jesus is long dead his name is left to perception. Let the truth of his words speak louder than falwell's misconceptions. Religion can be a mighty tool to persuade the masses. Obviosly the right-wing is planning on playing that card. Like terrorism, we can not let them hijack another concept. If you're not patriotic than you're terrorist. Love it or leave it. Non-christian is "bad"; while on the other hand christians are "good". Don't give them the right to God because the right-wing wants to relate themselve to it for manipulative reasons. This is part of the trickery that they want you to follow. The poster of this comment although points out very well the fact that those who claim to be disciples of Jesus are ruthless warmongers, he concedes God and Jesus to them.

"It is easier to fit a camel through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get into the gates of heaven." -Jesus

they use our sacred stories 23.Feb.2004 10:40


In Leslie Marmon Silko's powerful Native American story, the book "Ceremony", there is a verse that goes like this:

"Their evil is mighty
but it can't stand up to our stories
So they try to destroy the stories
let the stories be confused or forgotten.
They would like that
They would be happy
Because we would be defenseless then."

In the book white men are the evil ones, but the message about story is powerful for anyone who has a sacred story that is being confused, destroyed or co-opted by people with an intent to make you defenseless.

One of the most difficult and important lessons Jesus taught can be found in Luke 6:27-38. "Love your enenmies. Do good to those who hate you." Clearly those who rape, pillage, bomb, and hold captives indefintely have not read these verses with any comprehension. Rachel Corrie understood this. So did Martin Luther King Jr.

that's a cool graphic 23.Feb.2004 10:45


where's a bumper sticker?

Robertson praying for $$$$$ is praying to $$$$$ 23.Feb.2004 11:16

Nopey Duke

Years ago, I checked out Pat Robertson. He was sitting in an easy chair and then he sort-of closed his eyes to pray. With his eyelids nervously fluttering like flies on doodoo, he then prayed to his god ($$$$$) to send the share prices up for the stocks in his portfolio. I turned him off and have not looked again. Such false prophets pave the road to hell for some hold-out suckers who like to think that their intentions are good; but, they can't pave that road without taking that direction themselves. Christians lay up their reward in heaven. These others, falsely claiming Christ as their own, "have their reward," as Jesus said -- that is, they shut out the possibility of a reward in heaven.

Why was a human sacrifice needed to launch Xianity? 23.Feb.2004 11:32


Why couldn't that Xian god simply have forgiven the people without having his only begotten son slowly tortured to death.?

Oh excuse me. Most fundamentalists insist that Jesus was not the son of god but was god himself. So this demented god was a masochist who loved to be tortured on the cross? Wow, what a pervert that Xian god was.

The real truth is that the fundamentalists have made god in their own image.

Agreed 23.Feb.2004 11:38

PortlandVegan PortlandVegan@hotmail.com OR Rhodk269@hsd.k12.or.us

"Me" is exactly right....could not have put it in better words myself.

LOVE is HATE 23.Feb.2004 17:06

Big Brother

Good job truth! You have completely learned, and now preach the art of reversing the meaning of words and ideals. It helps so much that you don't actually know what you're talking about and most others won't investigate the Book either. Keep relying on what other warped minds tell you about God, don't read and think for yourself. I AM YOUR GOD, BIG BROTHER!!! ps Pat R. says hi!

No counter arguments can be made 24.Feb.2004 09:58


It's too bad, Big Brother, that you cannot logically argue against the points that I have made so you choose instead to indulge in ad hominems. But that's understandable because there are no counterarguments to the points that I hade made.

to Directions 24.Feb.2004 11:35

PortlandVegan PortlandVegan@hotmail.com OR Rhodk269@hsd.k12.or.us

Please do not lump ALL Christians into this bloodthirsty category....I think the Christians you are targeting are the conservative extremists...which belong to virtually every religion(Why aren't we targeting the conservative Mormons, or the conservative athiests?). Keep in mind there are without a doubt liberal Christians too, who have caught on to the fact that Jesus is a God of LOVE, and not of murder and genocide....

Not all of us are bloodthirsty war-mongrels.

Ad hominem? 24.Feb.2004 16:53

Big Brother

So truth, do you actully want to know the Truth? Well you will only get twisted versions and perversions from me. But I do use the Truth well, to manipulate peoples emotions and will. To do this one must Know the Truth well, and keep it spinning in propaganda. I did not mean to offend your character, if I am right about it. With knowledge of the truth you could further your career as a politician, or a preist perhaps. If I am wrong about you, I could loose you, and become your mortal enemy. Now to answer your questions, we must consider the source... Jesus. He did indeed say "We are all gods" quoting scripture from *His* earlyer works. He is stating that we have a volition over life and death. That there are ways in which to cause unnatureal death (use the wicked side of your mind to understand these my dear truth), and ways to nurture life and preserve it in a healthy way, hence like the seasons (not real death at all). Now why Would the Holy Spirit of Life, Master of the Universe, do the former to it's creation(His flesh being the earth, or all phisical matter - His Wife as He puts it) -- *His* Offspring, literally, to Himself? IT is Because life here on this planet is a test, a very painful and confusing test a lot of the time. To test our will for life, survivel, for Love. It is not easy, the dominate worldly power is of the destructive, deceptive kind that was created by Him for this purpose. Often leaveing humans feeling hopeless for lack of justice. Ah, but for Faith, God does not put His Offspring through experiences not unfamiliar to Him, and God proves this Love by sharing, and taking part in this confusion , pain and suffering. It is the Knowlege of the most nightmarish of experiences. He is not an armchair god, He is always right here with his fools for Love. Jesus was always describing the Kingdom of Heaven, did you not see the resembalence of life here on this particular planet? I was thinking of going deeper on these topics, and providing *footnotes*, but I don't want to trouble you further, unless you have greater ambitions then preist or cheif off staff at city hall, maybe a senetor or general in the military - W. Clark does nice work, a foot in both arenas. Remember God's children stand up to the injustices of this world with their own lives for others, not with violence, the results from those actions (test)was already demonstrated in the old scriptures, no matter how good you truely are, consider David and Solomon. Hierarchy is no way to be a King annointed by God. This is to remain our little secret, please continue to preach that Christians are evil, or, claim to be one. Support the authorities of the worldly nature. Don't critize church and state, or, pick and choose sides in order to reep the rewards of capitalism, and avoid the cross. Thank You!!

Kudos to Portland Vegan 24.Feb.2004 19:37

Big Brother

I would be remiss if I did not congradulate you. Thank you for phrasing your words as such, "Please do not lump ALL Christians into this bloodthirsty category..". This suggests that some Christians (those who really do follow Christ's teachings) are bloodthirsty capitalists. Defiling the word Christian and there by defiling Christ, the art of doublespeak is serving you well. Mormons as a Christian church - HAA HAAH AHAHA your to much. Thanks again.