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george and john hmmmmm!

Some could say this about this image of ashcoft and bu$h,
johnny and me had real kinky sex with this gay guy. johnny and me wanted to tell you folkies earlier but ya has ta's wait till the rights time cause we are's both born agains christians ya know! It wouldn't llok too good if you were to find sooner seens how me little johnny boy is always calling upon jesus of the darkness (SATAN) to find out if it would be alright to come out ya know.

anyways, johnny an me's want to come out now ok's! Now don't get overly too mad cause we's have little pat and jerry on our side who will call upon the god of darkness to strike you's dead if you start complaning about's this here's coming party's ok's ya al hear me clear. Boy I sure wished I'd had some cocaine before this picture was taken. That there stuff sure makes ya hornnie an wanta fuck everything in site. Boya I aure miss that there stuff, miss chawsing all them there young gails and getting fucked till's I'm blue in tha face ya know and doings some more's lines and getting drunk to's ya know.

me's daddy he gots me out of lots of them there troubles with them there lwas folks yaknows. Anyways when this here thing over me's and little johnny are goings behind the doors to have some fun stroking one's another little thingie.