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East Fork Coquille Timber Sale BLM proposes to clearcut 600 acres of mature and old-growth

BLM proposes to clearcut 600 acres of mature and old-growth forests in the Oregon Coast range. The oldest forest to be clearcut has trees over 425 years old, more than 200 years older than our nation. The trees on the right are only about 300 years old.
The oldest forest to be clearcut has trees over 425 years old, more than 200 years older than our nation. This is a huge blow for the remaining old growth forests in the Coquille watershed. The sale is located west of Roseburg in the Coastal Mountain Range, near the Coos-Bay Wagon Road, between Reston and Sitkum.
The Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet populations that depend on these forests for nesting are continuing to decline. Many of the forests set aside for old-growth dependent animals ("Late Successional Reserves") were previously clearcut and have not regrown enough to help.
The BLM is also proposing to thin 2,000 acres of those old clearcuts to enhance wildlife habitat. This is good. But the BLM should separate out the good thinning from the bad clearcutting so that when we stop the bad clearcutting, the good thinning can still proceed. The BLM refuses. Maybe your voice will help change their mind. The BLM should not be clearcutting publicly owned old-growth forests, especially with such a short environmental analysis.
Of the 900 acres to be clearcut, 600 are mature and old-growth forests. Over half of these acres contain ancient forests over 200 years old. The oldest forest proposed for clearcutting is over 400 years old. The project also proposes to thin 2,000 acres of old clearcuts (aka managed plantations). We support this needed thinning. But it makes no sense to convert more old-growth forests to young managed plantations. We already have enough to meet our needs.
Please Do something!

homepage: homepage: http://www.umpqua-watersheds.org/blm/CoosBay_BLM/east_fork_coquille_ts.html#maps

please post contact information 23.Feb.2004 09:30


My favorite swim hole is on the S. Fork of the Coquille between Powers and Broadd Bent. I am saddened.

Could someone please post the contact person and number at the BLM, so that I can call and voice my opposition. Also, who is working on this in Coos County? How do I reach them?


updated contact info and coos county resources for organization 23.Feb.2004 16:44

Allegany Anarchist Collective: living afar

Coos Bay District Office BLM 1300 Airport Lane North Bend, OR 97459-2000
(Code 120) COM: (541) 756-0100 FAX: (541) 756-9303 Sue Richardson, District Manager

No one to my knowledge is working on this in Coos County. However, the following contacts would be a good organizing starting point.

Friends of the Coquille River Debbie Houshour HC 84 Box 12 G 34 Myrtle Point OR 97458 (541) 572-3251 (541) 572-3251

Coos County Chapter Pacific Green Party PO Box 1521 North Bend, OR 97459
Contact Monica Schreiber(541) 756-2042

Also, Umpqua Watersheds, Inc. based out of Douglas County provided my source info for the posting. You can find their link above at the bottom of the article.

overslept 23.Feb.2004 21:23


Hey, this alarm started ringing last August- see the archives.  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/08/269471.shtml
You can fight from the outside, or you can fight from the inside. These sales happen on timeclocks, and if we snooze through the alarms we miss out.

home land 23.Aug.2005 10:14

oregon born

You bed wetting liberls go back to frisco where you belong the spotted owl and Murlett stuff is a hoax real oregonians use the renewable resorces and replant before fire or deasie takes it