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How does that saying go?

Just does that saying go? Can you remember the words to this song? Was it: Onward christian soldier? Well, here's my version...
On ward christian bigots, onwards christian racists, claim your unholy god of darkness as your god and go about killing and stealing and say that your god of darkness said it was alright to kill and steal just so you can have more and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ all in the name of your so called fucking god. March, march, and march on to claim all that money and power case your so calle fucking god said you could. Don't worry none about all of those babies yopu will kill, case you so called fucking god said you could--afterall he spoke to you and said you could go kill whom ever you want in my name--whatever that may be.

Just remember though, you can't let any women here in AmeriKa go and have an abortion case you need every young man or woman you can get your sick little hands on to fight your wars so you can get even more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ in your off-shore bank accounts to live on, afterall, you live on just afew Billion $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ now can you? You need every one born in this country to fight these wars so you and your buddies can get richer off the deaths of soldiers who won't be coming alive but in body bags just so you can get more and more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and not even care about the BODY BAGS ariving every day.

But I'm a born again fucking christian, a dried up drugie and a dried up drunk------just what is a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN anyway? Surely not someone who goes out of their way to kill other people is he or she? I thought christians didn't kill anyone, less they went totally nuts-ooooo? In that case, their brains are the size of a PISS-ANT, and I think piss-ants have more brains then these so called fucking broan againa christian bigot freak0's who want all of your money then tell you get lost in a heartbeat since you have nothing else to offer them. They just tell you to take a hike--like fuck off will ya, you have what I want$$$$$$$$$$$.

So called christians have been killing people since the brginning of time for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and POWER. They'll use their god to scare and make you tthink they can save you but it is just lies to make you give in to their power to control you, your mind and what money you have until it's gone.

Meet the GRIM REAPER, SATAN's right hand man who thinks his god damn god told him to go and kill who ever he wants just for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
windsor 25.Feb.2004 01:16


the bush family is from the house of windsor ,the same as queen elizabeth isn't that in terestin . i mean we can hear and know this ,but do really consider exactly what that means ... when america was findin its seek and desrtoy roots ,capital and industry were obviously abundant so a company called "the virginia company" started getting its fingers in to everything. tobacco, scalps{of the natives}and what ever was selling big in europe. it seems realistick in my mind to believe that we are still under the rule of the familys that have for thousands of years been running shit .so i say refuse and resist revolt and uplift ,realize the army thats going to stop it is all around you ,see it in the face of everyone you meet ,recognize your compodre's when your buying coffie or giving change or drinkin beer or while you are doing the miriad of things that you know you can live without .and dont forget these faces when its time to fight