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This is what nazi repuglicans look like!

Some times you have to have shock come your way to bring you back to reality about them there repuglican(s)! Meet the GRIM REAPER who says he's a born again chrstian--what ever that really means is anyone's guess!
They refer to them selves as god fucking fearing christians but in really when you study them and their lies and realize you've been duked into beleiving them. They only think of themselves and no buddy else.

They will steal the mother's milk right out of your child's mouth and laugh while they are doing it. They'd sale their own mother if they thought they could get away with it. Just to make that almighty dollar they want so badly and they don't care whom they step on or shit on to get the last penny out of you.

Then they want you to beleive them, beleive that they are some god damn god fearing christians. Just makes you want puke when you hear them invoke some god, their god but not mine and refer to themselves as some fucking born again christian all the while they are ploting to steal very last cent you may have on you. Then laugh at you and kick you when you ar down on your luck and have no where or place to turn too! Some fucking born again christians they are--PUKE!

When everyone they are after ends up broke and homeless, they will surely want the end of life to come so their so called fucking god (don't really know who they are praying to, maybe their god is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and nothing else). The pat robertsons and the falwell are only out for the money and when they speak, you have to realize who these pigs realy are-----nothing but money hungery bigots, corporations, living off the lives of everyone else. The poor who think giving their last cent to these frauds hoping it will give them a chance to get to heaven. All the while these frauds are shiting on you and laughing all the way to the bank--off shore bank that is in accounts with numbers and no names attached to them. They don' give a shit--damn about you except for how much money they can get out of you and after you have given your very last cent to them they will shit on you and tell you to go fuck yourself. They don't give out money but they sure want your last cent sent to their bank--while they laugh at you as they count all that incoming $$$$$$$$$$$ from poor folks.

Lets face facts, christianity is nothing but one great big fucking corporation thet will suck you dry and then spit you out like some kind of diseased less then human being.
To who gives a rat's ass 23.Feb.2004 05:31

mule 234

Are you as stupid as your post? A feeble minded person relys on profanity to make their point strongly. In this case it just shows your profound ignorance. Why don't you learn about your subject before you write. This is just a rant by a very very stupid person

Strange, smells like cointelpro... 23.Feb.2004 06:15


This seems designed to drive yet another wedge deeper into the abyss that has been exacerbated by cointelpro between the fear driven religious right and the progressive forces desperate to recuperate their country. Everyone looses except the devils at langley and PA Ave....

to 'mule' and 'poison' - 23.Feb.2004 12:38



how is this Cointelpro?

and it may be a rant, but how is the precise wording and tone any different from daily edicts of the Bu$hites themselves? what they've stated about Iraq/Saddam/WMDs? we live in insane times.

Karl Rove has a proven Nazi heritage, as does Aahnold, and Bu$h's grandfather supported a Nazi bank. The Republican Party has strong, demonstrable ties to Nazism.

the Fundie Christians are certifiably insane - you should have watched Bill Moyers' NOW on PBS last Sunday (they're trying to get it off the air), it was on the Fundie Christians who are trying to move to Israel and become residents there to watch the Rapture happen live. yes, they *really believe* this and spend millions to help the Jews re-settle on the West Bank, among other whackjob Apocalypse-preparation strategies.

these people are psychotic.

no amount of so-called frustrated "ranting" above can even approach how nutso the Christian Fundies are.

and *who knows* what the fuck GWB himself is - I personally feel sorry for him, he's only an automaton pawn of his Family, his Elite Class, and the Corporate Plutocracy.

a similar good post on today's newswire:

I think it more of the tone and content 23.Feb.2004 18:39

Just passin' thru

This particular post really does not say anything new and is more of a sophomoric rant than an attempt to articulate the psychology of GW.

Bush lost the popular vote and probably lost Florida as well. Instead of hurling juvenile insults at a low-end thinker, strive to talk about what we need to do to create a world without hate.

I challenge you, 'who gives a rat's ass', to help the rest of us with creative options to not only the Bush Dynasty, but to millions of Americans who are Twinkiefied.

to 'Just passin' thru' 23.Feb.2004 19:14


we already know the options, and so do the somnambulent masses.

there is nothing LEFT to do but rant.

we are rats in a lab experiment. Through the 'standard system' nothing more can be done, except watch it operate (and hopefully decay and collapse).

(there are plenty of other postings and info right here on this site about the Voting Machines, Aahnold's recent move to allow 20-year-or-less Immigrants run for pResident - just watch and see what happens with Election 2004)