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imperialism & war

We need Dennis, Dennis needs you

Rollover quick explanation of DK's platform
There is no time to lose, we must get the word out ASAP by any means necessary.

This is great to email to quickly explain Dennis' platform. Who in america wouldn't find him electable?

Listen to this if you are still confused whether he can beat Bush lol

No need to waste time reading my post here, check out this page of ideas and get to work.

Thanks Portland!
Dennis, we need you to vote FOR another war! 22.Feb.2004 23:32


Quick Dennis! We need your vote for war AGAIN - just like when you voted to attack Afghanistan. By the way, thanks Dennis! We couldn't have killed those 5,000+ (overwhelmingly civilian) Afghanis without your help, Dennis. When we attack Syria or Iran next, I hope we can count on you Dennis - just like we always have. Oh, and thanks for bringing so many progressives back to the democrat party, Dennis. That gives us that "liberal" sheen without actually being anti-war or economically egalitarian (that would get in the way of huge profits). Thanks Dennis!

just stop already 23.Feb.2004 07:22

with your inane comments

we can all spot you right away. No real IMCer feels that way. Dennis has been outspoken in fighting the bush administration every step of the way, with words and actions. Please there is still time to reject the doctrine of pure evil over truth. You are contributing to the overthrowing of your own democracy. Be a hero. Stand up for was is right, for the love you must have somewhere in your heart...and be a whistleblower. Tell the world what you have been doing and why. Other's have come forth, so should you.

no real IMCer is anti-war? 23.Feb.2004 11:19


Can I PLEASE have a smidgen of what you're smoking? because it must be some GOOD stuff. The IMC is staunchly anti-war. that's why many IMCers choose not to vote and give legitimacy to the plutocratic good cop/bad cop party system. That's why so many IMCers are anti-capitalist. That's why so many IMCers organize outside of the political system. Because they know better.

How in the world can you rationalize Your Saviour voting for war? (A war that killed over 5,000 Afghanis, overwhelmingly civilian.)

YOU are contributing to the overthrow of the democracy by taking part in the ongoing plutocracy. Dennis is cynically running for President in order to rein progressives back into the spineless democrat party.

Radicalize yourself. The system will not work against itself. The system changes people - people don't change the system "from within" EVER. The system exists to wage class war against working people.

kucinich = hope 23.Feb.2004 16:32


kucinich is the man! We need to send the message of reform by voting for Dennis. He is THE anit-war canidate. You can change the system from within look at Dean -he caused all of the canidates to move to the left and gave them some spine. If Kucinich is president we can all experience a better America. When hope is lost we will be too. Keep fighting!

false hopes can be very damaging 23.Feb.2004 17:06


yes, keep hope. But don't have FAITH, which is what you seem to have in DK. He does not deserve the "anti-war" label after voting FOR invading Afghanistan, no matter how you spin it. If you have hope for such a hypocrite, that shows how corrupt and disgusting the system really is, and shows what the system has done to you.

Notice Dennis's initials... 24.Feb.2004 13:01

DK/JB Ticket

Notice Mr. Kucinich's initials. Wouldn't it be appropriate for DK, the "boy wonder" of Cleveland, the youngest MAYOR ever elected until Newsom of San Fran, to pick the DKs' lead ex-vocalist as a running mate? That would be a shot heard around the world...