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Bin Laden cornered?

A London Tab, the Sunday Express, is being quoted by several other news agencies, as follows:
Bin Laden reportedly cornered in northwest Pakistan
2004-02-23 / Agence France-Presse /

U.S. and British special forces have cornered al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden in a mountainous area in northwest Pakistan, near the Afghanistan border, the Sunday Express newspaper reported.

Quoting "a U.S. intelligence source," it said bin Laden and "up to 50 fanatical henchmen" were inside an area 16 kilometers wide and deep "north of the town of Khanozai and the city of Quetta."

"He is boxed in," the unidentified source was quoted as saying, adding that U.S. special forces were "absolutely confident" that he could not escape.

According to the source, bin Laden moved into the area, "in the desolate Toba Kakar mountains," about one month ago from another area 240 kilometers to the south, the Sunday Express said.

Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar is believed to be with bin Laden, it said.

The area is under surveillance from a geostationary spy satellite while U.S. and British special forces await orders to move in, the newspaper said in its early edition, received late Saturday.

On Thursday, General Richard Meyers, chairman of the U.S. joint chiefs of staff, said U.S. forces were engaged in "intense" efforts to capture bin Laden, but held back from saying where he might be hiding.

"There are areas where we think it is most likely he is, and they remain the same," said Meyers, who was speaking to reporters in Washington. "They haven't changed in months," said Myers.

Asked whether the al-Qaida leader was believed to be in Pakistan, the general replied: "Don't know that. We think in that border region somewhere. We don't know where it is precisely."

The Sunday Express said it was also told in London by "a senior Republican close to the White House and the Pentagon" that bin Laden had been located.

"They have found bin Laden," the source - described as an "intimate" of the family of U.S. President George W. Bush - was quoted as saying. "They now know where he is within a manageable area which can be watched and controlled."

The Sunday Express said bin Laden's whereabouts had been discovered from "a combination of CIA paramilitaries and special forces, plus image analysis by geographers and soil experts."

"They studied the background in bin Laden's last video and matched it to rocks in the Toba Kakar region," the newspaper said.

"A two-man special forces surveillance unit them infiltrated the area," it said, adding that they picked up their first clues that bin Laden was in the area within a week.
Fairy Tales, Soke and... 22.Feb.2004 21:55


Since this story quotes an anonymous "U.S. intelligence source", and since we now know that "U.S. intelligence source(es)" are absolutely unreliable, corrupted to the core, and completely worthless even when the source IS named, this story is no doubt more incoherent bluster from Bushco, and should be disregarded.



beaverton. he was walking around aimlessly at the beaverton transit center around noon.
it was him for sure. he winked when i looked him in the eye, as if to acknowledged who
he was, then just snickered and walked on his way. i did not see which direction he did
go though. they are screwed up again...looking for him in wrong places. waste of $$$

Bin Laden on "Meet the Press" 22.Feb.2004 23:35


Bin Laden will announce whether or not he is cornered this Sunday on "Meet the Press."

I doubt that Osama will go down like Saddam 23.Feb.2004 19:02

Lone Ranger

Think about it, Osama will never be a contestant on TV or go on a book signing tour. He will be relegated to the dark, forever.

What would you do? If it were me, I would take out as many invading motherfuckers as possible by nuking myself so only the legend would live on.

This is not a "Cops gone Wild" video; this is just more American empire having to kill more people to support the real psychopaths (read: global capitalists) in exchange for crumbs for sustenance and violence as a character builder.