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Mayor-wanna-be Francesconi exposed by Willamette Week

Pick up the Willamette Week to read a scathing expose on Jim Francesconi, our leading candidate for the Mayor's office.
Francesconi is the only candidate in this race with enough cash to run a serious campaign. There have been only a handful of candidates' forums and little media attention given to the May 18 election. As a result, few Portlanders know much about the man who is most likely to be our next mayor.

Francesconi came to Oregon from California to attend law school. As he built up a practice representing injured workers during the 1980s, he threw himself into the effort to reform the state's workers' compensation laws. Later, he got involved with the Portland Organizing Project, which battled City Hall on behalf of low-income residents and, in the early '90s, led an effort to get employers to hire gang kids.

During his seven years on the Portland City Council, he's become known as someone who works hard and avoids controversy, which explains why he's known to many voters as "that guy."

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read the rest, where 23.Feb.2004 03:26



here's the link 23.Feb.2004 08:54


I went to wweek.com and found it... Good article.

Who is the Progressive/Green candidate? 23.Feb.2004 19:09

Lyndon LaRouche

Should we write-in Erik Sten?